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In Death I Serve

I’ve gotten back to work on the Black Templars Space Marines. The next arrival is the Venerable Dreadnought.

He is nicely decorated, with plenty of skulls and campaign honors, as well as the ubiquitous litany text and purity seals on some armor panels. 81 more words


Templars Go To War Part 2

As late as this is, I have finally got some decent shots to put up of the Black Templar units that went to our little jolly to Warhammer World. 87 more words


A little bit of hobby: Landspeeder 2

Another completed model, the second Landspeeder for my slowly growing Black Templars army.


A little bit of hobby: Imperial Priest

I’ve done a bit of painting over the last month, but not as much as usual. Mostly I’ve been prepping models and sorting out my Age of Sigmar army. 17 more words


Black Templars Grav Centurions at Awaken Realms

My Grav wielding Centurions of Death can be viewed in all their painted glory at the Awaken Realms Gallery in the link below.



Black Templars Grav Centurions

I’ve always wanted to do a Black Templars army but never really thought that I had the painting skills recuired to do them justice. So when my son was born and my time for hobby projects was reduced I decided to focus on what I love about the hobby which is building armies and kitbash/convert miniatures to create an interesting look to my army and leave the painting to the professionals. 64 more words


Templars go to War!

One of the reason I actually get hobbying done is usually our trips to Warhammer World. Well it’s time for another one, and this time, Black Templars are going in force. 153 more words