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A little bit of hobby: Black Templars Land Speeder

Hello, hello. My, I’ve had a busy few weeks. Been ill. Been away. Been to a wedding. Been working hard. I’m flat out with promotional work for a book right now – you’ll get to hear all about it sooner or later. 136 more words


Zeal and Honor

I return the the Black Templar Space Marines after a brief hiatus…

The Marshal is one of the old metal Captains, with a plasma pistol swap and extra Templar purity seals. 165 more words


A little bit of hobby: Black Templar 12

I’ve been reading about Space Marines for the last fortnight as I attempt to catch up on the Horus Heresy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this has induced an urge to paint power-armoured post-humans, so I added another warrior to my Crusader Squad. 164 more words


Xenos tide

March 28th saw yet another return to Warhammer World in Nottingham, UK. Once again, the might of the Imperium faced down a dangerous alliance of Tau, Orks, and sinister Necrons. 165 more words

Games Workshop

A little bit of hobby - Black Templars: Not forgotten

I’m on a mission to finish all the models that have been languishing on my painting table for a while. One of them was this chap, the Sword Brother leader for my first Black Templars Crusader squad. 45 more words


The Crusade Grows #2

Well I have finalized more knights! All except bases, not sure if I want rural or urban bases yet…


The one on the left is just standard Tactical Marine, standard decals, just sword and shield added here, on the right, anvil industries resin legs, shoulder pads and head. 115 more words


The Crusade Grows

Finished another Templar Knight, this one is my favorite mini so far, so much conversion that has worked so seamlessly!

This guy is packed up with pouches and accessories to personalize him, converted chaos backpack, WHFB chaos arms, Mantic Basilean Sword, Victrix Roman Shield, everything is hand painted, I’m totally in love with this mini!

For the Emperor!