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PCRI - Dr. Charles E. "Snuffy" Myers (PSA recurrence)

Weight and fitness are key elements in prostate cancer prevention
I’m sitting in a presentation by Dr. Myers dealing with recurrent prostate cancer, and his key points are: 1) the Mediterranean heart healthy diet, and 2) exercise – 30 minutes daily of aerobic exercise and 3 sessions weekly of weight lifting. 319 more words

Ted Ernst's Fit Takes on the 2011 Edition of the Tour de Palm Springs

Wow. A Lot of Interest in Ted Ernst
My post about getting fitted by Ted at Manhattan Cycles was our highest day yet – 280 of you came by to read that post over two days. 416 more words

Formigli Classic

How to Predict The 15 Year Survival Probability for RP Treatment

I’m Always Searching for Good Statistical Tools
I don’t know about other prostate cancer survivors but, as a 7-1/2 survivor, I’m keenly interested in survival statistics and potential recurrence-prevention strategies. 729 more words


Walk the Talk - Always a Challenge!

Nutrition, Exercise, and Cancer Prevention

The American Cancer Society estimates that a third of all cancers are related to poor diet and lack of exercises. 467 more words

Diet And Lifestyle

Wellness and National Prevention Strategy Webinar

A Revitalized Dialogue on Health and Wellness in the US

The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project was pleased to be a participant yesterday in a nationwide teleconference on new initiatives on health and wellness. 170 more words

Diet And Lifestyle