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TCS 3x13

End of the road

The last episode of The Carmichael Show gives us one last roast of Bobby as we discover new information about Maxine. 695 more words

TCS 3x12

Three-year threesome

On their three anniversary, Jerrod and Maxine run into a girl and Jerrod thinks she wants to have a threesome with them. Maxine thinks he’s crazy but he makes a move on her on their behalf (because Maxine’s actually okay with it) and the girl is down. 422 more words

TCS 3x11

Going to college at any age

This week’s episode looks at college and following your dreams and (*sweats heavily*) making important decisions about your future. 616 more words

TCS 3x10

The Sisters’ Caramel

Jerrod and his family prepare to meet Maxine’s sister. They all have various concerns including if she has a nub and Asperger’s. He assures them that there’s nothing wrong with her, calling her sister a quieter Maxine (much to his mother’s delight). 668 more words

TCS 3x09

Old Divorce

This week’s episode takes a look at marriage from various generational points, and questions what women are willing to put up with.

Maxine, Nekeisha, Cynthia and her mom are attending the Women’s March while the men of… 680 more words

TCS 3x08

The Prices of Vices

This week’s episode of The Carmichael Show is talking about stress, and how to deal with it; a topic I know nothing about because I avoid stress and let it accumulate until I have a breakdown… don’t be like me. 878 more words

TCS 3x07

Lies, lies and more lies

Bobby asks Maxine and Jerrod to meet him at a hibachi restaurant and Maxine is uneased because she feels like she’s forced to clap every time the chef does something. 828 more words