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47 Percent of Black Households Do NOT Have an Emergency Savings

Reported by Taylor Miller

Many Americans are faced with a lot of financial problems, and this is a fact for 47% of African-American families. According to Neighbor Works America, a survey conducted in its second-annual consumer finance report found that approximately 34% of Americans don’t have any emergency savings and 25% of Americans have only enough to support themselves for a month. 264 more words


Are Economics and Social Progress Related to Each Other?

“Your (last post) is one of the most active and positive that I have read of yours. You do put your time to where your values are. 277 more words

Jack Heidel

FREE Five Wishes "Living Will"

In the event you cannot speak for yourself, it brings tremendous peace of mind to know that your health care wishes will be respected.  Not expressing your wishes in writing can lead to family disagreements, guilt feelings and stress for your loved ones. 253 more words


The Truth About (Most) Black Folks: Employment

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Right to Work Zones and Unions in the Black Community

Right to Work Zones and Unions in the Black Community

By Maze Jackson

Chicago Defender Contributing Writer

Governor Bruce Rauner has proposed introducing employee empowerment zones in Illinois and it has not been received with open arms by unions or legislators around the state. 624 more words