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Hispanic and black unemployment shrinking

*Despite hysterical claims of racism by his critics on the left, President Trump’s economic policies have shrunk both Hispanic and black unemployment in the first year of his presidential term.* 16 more words

President Trump

This Is One Obama Legacy That Trump Can't Touch

The results are in: Donald Trump, Barack Obama is your father – at least when it comes to presidents creating jobs, that is. While the unemployment situation in the U.S. 428 more words


Black discrimination against Black people

Omarosa hasn’t done anything most people have to do to make it ahead! Black people kill me! In most professional situations Black people in higher positions don’t even help other Black people! 201 more words

Job Hiring Discrimination Remains Unchanged For Blacks Since 1989

A group of researchers examining multiple field experiments, conducted from 1989 to 2015, found that job hiring discrimination remains unchanged for African Americans, Vox reports. 244 more words


Why We Are Broke

A Jewish Proverb states that “a man who does not teach his son to work, teaches him to steal”. Generally speaking, if a father was a carpenter, his son or at least one of his sons would be taught the skills of carpentry. 877 more words

Social Norms

Black Unemployment Rate Rises After Trump Brags About Jobs

The number of unemployed Black people in America crept up ever so slightly in August compared to the month before, according to the latest jobs report… 473 more words