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We Need More Vegans! Episode 1

This brief video demonstrates that it is not necessary to slaughter animals or trash the planet in order to … perform vertical push-ups.

Word to the fitness vegans! Stand up!

How I accidentally became "Vegan"

From about 2007 – 2014 I suffered from a painful enlarged lump in my throat that closely resembled an Adams’ apple. It was  strange and quite masculine and I’m… 1,283 more words

#OMGsogood! Vegan Chili + Cornbread + Easy Cashew Sour Cream

Doctor office scales are from the satan! They always say that I weigh 5-6 lbs more than I do at home and that’s just pure evil. 669 more words

Pregnancy Updates

#BlackVegansRock: 100 Black Vegans to Check Out

I am treating this piece as a performance art piece, not a blog post. Each time someone from the animal rights/vegan community wants to write an article about how white the animal rights/vegan movement is, I hope that they choose one person from this list to write an article about instead.  8,879 more words


1 Year Anniversary & MEGA Big Vegan Bowl

Today is our 1-year anniversary and I am so excited because we have big plans to check out this awesome vegan restaurant in Berkeley that neither of us have been to. 308 more words


See Marj Run!

One of the things I want to do on my long bucket list is run a marathon.  I am not athletic at all (for now), so this is going to be a challenge. 747 more words


Viva la vida... SANA: A black women's guide to Living the Healthy Life

I’m trying to follow the latest saying and “Get my life.” The goal is to eat more greens, be more active, and live a balanced peaceful life. 752 more words

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