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Kids Art Studio Summer Camp 2016

Kids art Studio looking forward to having a great Summer. Our opening week will introduce children to a Paper scrap medium begining with Sillhouette Collage. This activity will give the children an opportunity to create a mural of themselves on cardboard or poster board while providing a variety of opportunities for them to explore different textures, patterns, and color matching. 14 more words

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A Cold Glass of Lemonade-Preparing for a Summer Full of Reading

It seems just about everywhere, the word “lemonade” is constantly escaping people’s lips. Whether in reference to Beyoncé’s album, Lemonade, or drawing a glass of the chilled drink to a parched mouth; lemonade is in everyone’s life. 538 more words


Summer Art Camp

Kids Art Studio now enrolling for Summer Art Camp. Spaces are limited so call now to get discounted price of 400.dollars for eight weeks. Our hours are 7:30 until 4:00. 33 more words

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#blacklivesmatter I’ve seen too many people share this post not to say something, Black Lives Matter is not a hate group. According to their own definition, “Black Lives Matter is a call to action and a response to the virulent anti-Black Racism that permeates our society.” Black Lives Matter is a chapter-based national organization that […] 6 more words

Dismantling Racism

Kids Art Studio

Kids Art Studio is now enrolling  for   Summer Art Camp. We are serving children of the ages three through nine years of age. Please visit our facebook page for more information, or our website http://www.kidsartstudiogascottdale.com

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Know That He Is God

“Wisdom is the principal thing. Therefore get wisdom, and in all thy getting; get understanding.” If he is the creator of all things, and life begins and ends with him;  if he is the Alpha and Omega; the giver, and the taker, and all things were predestainded by him before the foundation of the earth; shouldn’t we be comforted in knowing that he is our God? 46 more words

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Focus on Faith not Fear

If the spirit of fear is telling you all the reasons why you cannot have the Victory in your life today, open your Bible and let the word of God remind you of all the reasons why you can. 48 more words

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