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10 Things that People of Color Want White People to Know


In the midst of all of the racial tension and the necessary continued fight for true equality, it’s imperative that we discuss a few things. It’s harder than ever to get the majority to see the issues that plague the black community and other minority races. 678 more words


I'm an Old White Man now? 

Yesterday, a great hashtag came about. It’s very rare to see something so positive trending, but #ConservativeBecause came about.

As fun as it was to see some liberals get flustered, it was a beautiful experience to see the true face of conservativism. 172 more words

The Journey, continued.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I apologize for the lack of writing, but I’ve been on a journey of sorts. One of self discovery. And I have certainly discovered quite a bit about myself. 191 more words

Can A Black Life Matter?

Amid all the turmoil, in our streets,

My body marches to the sound of, “No Justice! No Peace!”

While deep down in the core of my soul, 182 more words

Black Voices


I had a First Draft Friday post queued up for today, but it’ll keep.

Today the hum and buzz of the internet belongs to a different voice: The black voice. 1,276 more words



This is a very scary and honest feeling… Am I next? May the higher powers help us all ✊🏾❤️


The Realist Shit Ever!!!

Watch Jesse Williams’ Powerful Speech From the 2016 BET Awards

http://officialblackwallstreet.com/jesse-williams-2016-bet-awards/ via


I had to share what this young man said. I know his parents are proud of him and his wife too. 630 more words

Societal Attitudes