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Why Not Enough?

I bet everyone is wondering why the blog is called “Not Enough,” well the reason behind that has to do with my life. I grew up in a world where everyone I have always told me that I wasn’t enough of something. 201 more words

African American Voices

Selective Blindness 

Selective Blindness

I’m half black half white. I’m an activist. I blog and dialogue daily on the issues surrounding racism and white privilege. Why is it that the majority of whites (my family included) choose to be, and STAY blind to their white privilege? 60 more words

I Am The Hill And The Mountain

My heart remains in bruise mode,

Countenance in alert

Experiencing racial injustice at times, know it’s intended to hurt.

Supremacy in any form, shape, color or size… 137 more words

Life Perspective

Misleading Headline on Sandra Bland

Unfortunately most people on social media do not read the articles posted. Usually people will only comment on the title without reading the article in it’s entirety. 47 more words

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Black Women Matter...Video

We must continue to #SayHerName #SandraBland along with the many other Black Women and Women of Color who have lost their lives at the hands of police! 63 more words