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When Miracles Happen

The word miracles is defined a supernatural acts. A phenomenon not explained by known laws to man. There are  125 miracles recorded in the Bible. When miracles happen we are normally in disbelief of the astounding favor that God has bestowed upon us. 186 more words

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What are you reaching for?

I have learned that relationships are  the most important connections one can attain in life. I’m not  just  talking about marital relationships. I am talking relationships period. 387 more words

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When Life Interrupts

Sometimes life throws us a hardball that hits us so fast, that it sends us into a whirlwind of emotion. This often happens when we are feeling overwhelmed, and haven’t yet figured out how we are going to balance ourselves on this journey we call life. 350 more words

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Anger! Why Is Everybody So Angry?!

Anger! Anger!

Why is everybody so Angry?!

Is it the Politics


Blood in our streets,

The lifeless children with nothing to eat,


Why is everybody so Angry?! 124 more words

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All we need is love,


What the world needs now is love,

Sweet love,

Love  that flows like a river,

Real love,

Endless love, 18 more words

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Castle- A building or group of buildings fortified against attack with thick walls. It is also a place where people can dwell. So I will refer to it as a very large house. 292 more words

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Small Packages

I’ve been riding the rail system this week, and I must say my experiences have been interesting. Yesterday I told you about a young lady who was semi homeless who told me about her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. 365 more words

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