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What's Really Going On?

Yesterday marked the anniversary of Mike Browns death. If you are not familiar with the story, Mike Brown is the youth who was killed in Ferguson, Missouri during an alleged confrontation with the police. 394 more words

Black America

The rally interrupted by Seattle protesters this weekend is bringing together the Democratic underdog Bernie Sanders with a nationally recognized movement Black Lives Matter. Albeit in a conflicted way, it is creating much needed conversation. 275 more words

Black voices in Library Collections - Some recommendations

In Allen and Unwin’s 2009 interview with Indigenous author, poet and social commentator Anita Heiss, she tells us that the main difference between Aboriginal writers and non-Aboriginal writers telling ‘Aboriginal’ stories is that Aboriginal writers aren’t just telling a story: they “use writing as a form of catharsis. 503 more words

A Living Legend: The University of Virginia Honors Julian Bond

The University of Virginia invites the community to join in a celebration of Julian Bond. Bond, a longtime civil rights leader who is also chairman emeritus of the NAACP and a professor emeritus at the University of Virginia. 52 more words


Being black, being weary, & doing something about it

With all the bad press and bad things happening in the world to black people I felt inspired to create something that increase the positive happy images and words being exchanged… 309 more words

Why Not Enough?

I bet everyone is wondering why the blog is called “Not Enough,” well the reason behind that has to do with my life. I grew up in a world where everyone I have always told me that I wasn’t enough of something. 201 more words

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