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Cantilevers, cantilevers, and wait for it...cantilevers

It’s been some time since my last post so let’s get back to it. Ever since we bought our first house, complete with full-on IKEA furnishings, I’ve been working slowly to replace each IKEA piece with something I’ve built with my own hands. 592 more words


Inspired by Nature, Designed with Love

My blog boss — my daughter, Alexandra — informs me that if I have a “Design” category on my blog, I need to put content in it. 1,666 more words

Lost Madrone Ranch

Black Walnut: The Fungal Fighter

Common Name:  Black walnut
Latin Name:  Juglans nigra
Family:  Juglandaceae (Walnut family)

Parts used:  green hulls, nuts, leaves, bark
Tissue or system affinity:  skin, intestines… 111 more words

Herbal Bites

Warrior Women: prayer flag #11

This morning I’m thinking about a warrior woman–one woman in particular–a scrappy keeper-of-goats living in the harsh yet beautiful desert of the SW.    Not a place for the weak of body or spirit.   123 more words

Slow Cloth

can of worms

A few days ago in the wee hours of the morning/night, I started surfing the web instead of working on my UX project. As I got deeper into the fringe of the internet and YouTube, I somehow landed… 437 more words


Giving New Life to Old Linens

This past natural dyeing season–that’s Spring, Summer and Fall in Chicago–went so quickly I scarcely had time to consider all that I dyed.  I created lots of hand-dyed scraps of natural cloth, including linen, silk and cotton.   134 more words

Super Moon Arises

Ever since super moon arrived awhile ago, I have been thinking about creating a Super Moon Cloth as part of the SunMoonStars Series.  But super moon has to be really spectacular, doesn’t it? 145 more words