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First Bowls.

I found a guy on craigslist selling black walnut bowl blanks and went and bought some from him a few weeks ago. All of the blanks are still “green” so they’ll all have to dry out, but from what I can tell most people say that turning green wood is easier to turn and it won’t dull your chisels as fast as dry wood will. 143 more words

Isn't it good, Norwegian Wood?

We ADORE anything Scandinavian, wooden & mid century modern. Now these beauties are California made, but they are mid century, they are wooden and they are pretty Scandanvian-esque. 48 more words

Milling Walnut on March 1st (in the snow)

As we get things dialed in on the chainsaw mill, the cutting is going quite a bit better. Today we milled a 10′ by 18″-20″ diameter black walnut log into 1 1/4″ boards. 76 more words

Black Walnut

Shop, Houston, & Bowls.


About six months ago a friend of mine (Dr. Hooper) came over and helped me rearrange my shop. There were some big bulky shelves that my Dad had given me where I kept all my tools. 470 more words

MNGA Walnut Huller

For many years now MNGA members have been exploring the realms of black walnut processing; anyone whose grown or collected black walnuts before knows this to be the major challenge—first removing the husk and then extracting the tasty nut from the thick shell. 54 more words