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A Tree Being All It Can Be.

Full sun, Room to Spread it’s limbs. Juglans niger – Covey of Black walnuts.


Care for a Black Walnut?

I’ve got plenty.

And plenty still to come:

This is a nifty nut collector made by the folks at Garden Weasel.  What a treat to discover a yard device that requires no engine and makes no noise, that is so simply designed and yet works beautifully. 209 more words


Black Walnut Hull Tincture

Made some tincture tonight from fresh black walnut hulls in their green stage. Already turning a neat green color. Going to be nice to have this on hand for parasites on or in people or critters. 37 more words

Bog Flowers, Nut Armor, and the Paradox of Precocity

Seeds germinated. Burial makes life possible two-thousand years later: bogged-resurrection, the wait that moves life forward. Ending and beginning are impossible as opposites before they have fused together in one moment. 1,321 more words


What is Black walnut?

Black walnut is a admired balk tree. The copse is admired for chiffonier and furniture. Appeal for the barge is top and does not accommodated demand. 65 more words

Herbal Extract

Black Walnut Range & Habitat

Black walnut is a accepted timberline throughout Kentucky. At one time it was abundant, abnormally in alloyed forests on abundant soils. Large copse over 100 anxiety alpine were already common, but a lot of of these accept been cut to bright acreage acreage or harvested for its admired lumber. 74 more words

Herbal Extract