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  • Seductive
  • Intriguing
  • Secretive
  • Mysterious

Our Black Water fragrance is a very satisfying yet intriguing and mysterious scent.  It carries undertone fragrances of amber and vanilla. 38 more words

Black Sea

Shades of Water

Originally published on Tangible Virtual Water on 04/12/2016.

Water is available on Earth in various forms and sources: oceans, lakes, rivers and streams, snow, glaciers, precipitation, fog, wetlands, underground aquifers… 687 more words

Eco Energy

Blogging and FaceBook posting aren't the same

My mouth just dropped open when I saw my last post date. I still cannot believe that I haven’t posted since November! As I was trying to wrap my mind around that fact glaring up at me from my screen, it hit me. 549 more words

White canal

What is rare is beautiful. And the canal blanketed in snow and etched in ice is one such beauty, thanks to the #BeastFromTheEast and #StormEmma. 59 more words


Dark And Light

I wish I was someone else.

I wish I was somewhere else.

I wish that the feelings I have were enough for today.

I wish I could sail away be taken by the sea. 12 more words

Psycho-Therapy & Other Writings


 NEW LAS VEGAS PHOTOS Anonymous (ID: glJ/VPCQ)  01/19/18(Fri)15:33:37 No.157290845

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>Haven’t seen anyone post these today so point me to where someone has, if so.

81 more words

How to recycle water: few tips.

Yesterday, we had the first shock of the year: Cape Town confronts the looming ‘Day Zero’ water crisis!

What is day zero? The day (April 22, 2018) the major city of South Africa will run out of potable water. 722 more words