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Who is Tinashe?

Despite what Chris Brown said, I know who you are Tinashe.

Most people probably know her from her most popular song, 2 On, but she’s been in the game for a while now. 531 more words

On The Radar

Most Potent Fertilizer Ever

Saw an eye opening fertilizer practice.  My Chinese family asked me not to take pictures.  They didn’t want me to even know about it.

There are these toilets that are basicly just a hole in the ground that you do your business in.  170 more words

Separation Anxiety

It’s not the first time I’ve dropped Sterling off with a stranger, but it is the hardest.  For the last few weeks, I’ve spent so much time on the renovation.   382 more words


Drink Reaction: blk. Premium Alkaline Water

What’s up, Rad Blog?

Me? I just have this odd looking drink here.

Yep, you read this right. This is black water, or rather blk. 823 more words

Chas Rad

Is Greywater Management Needed?

Water is the primary need of any living creature on the planet. With the growing population and urbanization, the availability of the consumable water is diminishing. 596 more words

Good Idea

Black Water: Squid

Most squid, Sthenoteuthis included, have less than a year to be born, grow, and reproduce before they expire.  This translates into an incredibly high metabolism. Young squid in captivity can eat nearly half their body weight five times per day 2.5 times their body weight per day! 317 more words

Scuba Diving