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Seven days Seven B&W Photos Challenge #1

Seven days – Seven B&W Photos Challenge #1

Cheryl  – A wonderful lady we all know her as the Bag Lady, she is an angel, gave me the challenge. 55 more words


from the Magician's Hat by pd lyons



the girl in the high heel boots

wishes she could pull something out of me

that would make her feel better

something with a life of its own… 65 more words

Pdlyons Photography

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

What was meant for our feathered friends has been discovered by our four legged furry friends, the Grey squirrel. Actually, this is no surprise, as we have been curious why we haven’t seen one at the feeder until now. 116 more words

A Plastic Life

 We live in plastic houses,

  drink plastic water,

 have our morning plastic coffee,

 grow plastic plants,

 and hold plastic conversations.

Plastic. It will out live all of us. 13 more words