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The Amazing Spider-man #86 Beware the Black Widow

I love Black Widow. To me she’s one of the most fascinating characters in Marvel. NOT FOR THAT REASON!!!

Ok, it helps. Anyway, Black Widow has a shadowy past that she’s making atonement. 715 more words


Captain America: Civil War Leaked Teaser!

If you haven’t heard, the footage from the upcoming Captain America: Civil War has begun seeing leaks pop up all across the Internet, with Disney shutting down and removing a number of the photos and videos from sites such as Youtube. 90 more words


Clint's Been in a Fight

Natasha pulled out her mobile phone and said something under her breath in Russian.

Matt guessed it was a swear, or a string of swears, but he wasn’t sure which ones. 578 more words



The tension between Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’Captain America has been building for quite some time and that tension will officially come to a head in the next installment of the… 99 more words


An open letter to my eight-legged neighbors

(Warning: spider pictures ahead)

Hello critters

It’s me, that two-legged large being that puts a hand through your webs all too often.

It’s not that I mean to; after all, it’s not a pleasant sensation. 556 more words

Captain America #34

Ed Brubaker // Steve Epting
March 2008

This 21C Cap is the type of hero who kneecaps foes w/ a gun: an update for our era of mass shootings?  54 more words

Iron Man

Explaining The Civil War Concept Art – Scarlet Witch, Team Divisions & More

After months of speculation – and waiting for the D23 footage to be shown – we finally get some new concept art images for Captain America: Civil War detailing the opposing sides in this film. 1,406 more words