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OK, so one thing about little miss crazy that wrote me a nasty note and left it on my car. I’ve since calmed down and realized that while I want violence to be the answer, I can’t justify stooping to such ratchet levels– but that’s not what I’m going to talk about today. 759 more words

The Crazy

Style Report: How to Create Variation in your Wardrobe!

Overcoming a One-style mode is about getting over yourself, and who you think you are.

By the time we reach a certain age in our 20’s we know the kind of clothing style we like to wear and think is most flattering to us, down right to what colours we will wear and which ones don’t complement our skin undertone.

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Khaos D.Ree

At first I simply wanted to draw a sexy lady-rapper (which I personally think is a very attractive concept by itself), but then I remembered how much “rapper” sounds like “raptor”, as in the vernacular name for the Dromaeosauridae (Velociraptor, Deinonychus, and all those other feathered dinosaurs with big sickle-claws on their feet). 58 more words


Classic Beauty

“Classic Beauty”

This woman evokes Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring.” Art historians believe the original model was a servant in Vermeer’s household. She now represents one of the great Western beauties in art history. 45 more words


24.9 American Girls


You’re Sex and the City

Carrie at her best, Samantha at her worst

Pretty face but crazier

Strong mamas you’re the “it” in it girl. 96 more words


Eyes wide open: The re-awakening of our beautiful black women by Sonya McKinzie

As a black woman in America’s society, we are often under estimated. Our value is frequently decreased by culture. Many of us conform to the depiction that society has created around us. 514 more words

Sharing And Encouraging


“I asked God, how did he bless you with love? The only woman I’ve ever known with a heart as dark as night. My eyes gleam for your tragedy. 315 more words

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