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"Wouldn't it be Nice if..."

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone understood their sexuality? If you just knew 100% from your childhood whether you were straight or not, if you were a “boy” “girl” or “other”, if you were asexual or not, if you were aromantic or not, etc etc etc. 1,555 more words


Did someone order an action filled black female movie?


Well, here you go!

We cannot even begin to describe how excited we are for this to come to cinema. Taraji did that thing!


What I wish I knew before (as a black woman)

***PLEASE NOTE*** No, I’m not pregnant. Also, I don’t speak for all black women.

Dear future daughters,

I’m writing this to you and not your brothers because there were a myriad of experiences that no one but the black women of my life could possibly prepare me for, and now, it’s my turn. 1,075 more words

Self Care

Hotep, My Homies!

Having more fun with ancient Egyptian chicks in modern-day outfits here…

The word “hotep” means “to be at peace” in ancient Egyptian, but the Egyptians actually would use the phrase “em hotep” (in peace) as a greeting. 13 more words


1 Girl, 2 Bags: What to Pack for your Melanated Study Abroad Adventures in Europe

“It isn’t where you come from; it’s where you’re going that counts.” – Ella Fitzgerald

Sis, I get it. You’re super excited that you’ll be leaving the country in a few weeks or even a few days, but you’re also super nervous too. 1,386 more words

Interview with Playwright Tyler English-Beckwith

  What is your identity?

I am a Black woman. Writer. Fighter. Lover. Twerker. Some-time actor.

Tell us about TWENTYEIGHT and other pieces that you are working on. 517 more words


The Black Woman Dreams'

What ever happened to the black woman’s dream…

Did it get posted on a blackboard and then wiped off ?..

Written down somewhere in history…then forgotten… 608 more words