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My Dark Skin

My skin is like patch work. Different parts of my body are different shades of dark brown. Contrasting colors indicate where my arms have entertained the dancing sun and where my skin has hidden from the light. 66 more words


Friendcation on a Budget

At the beginning of the year, my best friend and I went on a friend-cation.

Being that we are new into the working world, we hardly earn any money, so we were working on a strict budget. 340 more words

Black Women

A New Standard of Beauty with Amber Starks

We are setting a new standard of beauty and if you want your first glimpse at what that entails then you have to watch this TedTalk by Amber Starks.

Black Women


I feel that one of the biggest disadvantages I have going natural is my lack of basic fundamental skills. I spent most of my life trying to coax my hair into being something different. 954 more words


Humidity, Eternal Foe

As you can see, I have a lot of hair. I had detangled it (poorly in the back) and put it in 6 different sections, twisting it to keep it stretched and to try and prevent any tangling. 402 more words

4C Hair

Emotions: Envy, Fear, & Pride

I rambled a little bit in the About section, but there were a few defining moments that put me on the path to be natural. 1,799 more words

4C Hair

TEDxUConn Kendra Thomas and Black Girl Magic

Kendra Thomas discussed why Black Girl Magic is important to her.

Take a look at her TedTalk.