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It's a Natural Thing... But It's Not Ugly

Waddup my fellow homo sapiens?!? Yelleeer


A word, where its manner of application never ceases to amaze me. A word which is so narrowly applied to a world that is saturated with diversity, variations, variances and what other word you can think of to mean- different. 746 more words


Who I am & Why I'm here.

After watching the movie “Ask me anything” on Netflix I decided to follow in the main characters footsteps and create a blog. My name is Spencer Rae, I’m 17 years old and I currently attend an arts high school and work part time at a local Taco Bell. 123 more words


NaPoWriMo Installment 2

Force it

When it doesn’t rush your pen

Think about what terrifies you

This very moment,

The thing you have made permanent marks in your tongue trying not to say, 9 more words


I Am NOT a Strong Black Woman

Society puts labels on everyone including myself on how to behave, act, feel, and it’s annoying at worst.

Being strong is a hard definition to be all powerful, confident, and able to withstand the pressures of daily life. 467 more words


A JOURNEY of discovery, finding myself anew in my mother's garden

TITLE: In Search Of Our Mothers’ Gardens: Womanist Prose
AUTHOR: Alice Walker
PUBLISHER: The Women’s Press Limited

I HAVE never read anything as capturing as this collection of essays ever in my life before. 593 more words

Alice Walker

"Open the Fucking Gate": Microaggressions

“Are you going to open the fucking gate?” I yelled at the intercom machine. I could not see the person who I was talking to but they could see me. 920 more words

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