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Goddesses Gonna Slay It

The Egyptian goddesses Neith, Bastet, and Sekhmet are gonna slay it together!

That could be meant literally as well as figuratively. In Egyptian mythology, each of these goddesses could be portrayed as warriors and huntresses (although Bastet is perhaps better known as a patron of music and dance), so it would make sense for them to be BFFs (best friends forever). 8 more words


African-American Gothic

Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” portrait would be unremarkable if it hadn’t been parodied so many times. My version isn’t meant to be a parody (at least not in the humorous sense) so much as an African-American variation on its basic theme. 46 more words


Battling the Belgians

This African warrior queen is defending her kingdom from the depredations of Belgian imperialists. Her steed, a mighty Tyrannosaurus rex, wants to know if Belgian invaders taste anything like waffles. 30 more words


Some Thoughts

I’ve always found it difficult to discuss issues pertaining to race, but not because I don’t find them important. Mostly, it’s just difficult to describe the intense feelings that come with being a Black woman in a country like America. 562 more words


Miaka Little, Founder and Owner of mINe cosmetics

Did you hear the news?

Well if you didn’t, let me the first to inform you that black women are now officially the most educated women in the good old USA. 635 more words

Black Women

Me: A Primer

Hey! Welcome to my blog! I’m a thirtysomething single woman living happily in the Bronx, New York, as a freelance writer and serious spiritual practitioner. This blog is my opportunity to share my experiences with the world as I delve deep into spiritual texts, grow and learn through spiritual disciplines, and live a colorful and joyous life as a voodoo priestess living on a small fixed income in one of the greatest cities in the world. 207 more words

Seeing heaven in a Black Woman

I just want to see heaven in the face of a black woman.To worship at her altar and collect nectar dripping slowly from thigh to feet. 440 more words