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Omarosa Responds To Robin Roberts: "It's A Black Woman Civil War." Somebody Tell Omarosa She Can't Sit With Us

In response to Robin Roberts’ shady comment on GMA yesterday, Omarosa Manigault Newman declared to Inside Edition, “That was petty. It’s a black woman civil war.” 245 more words


Anput the Embalming Goddess

This is my interpretation of Anput, an Egyptian goddess who presided over embalming and mummification. She was the wife of the jackal-masked Anpu (better known as Anubis), with whom she had their daughter Kebechet (goddess of embalming fluid). 20 more words


Heavenly Beauty

After doing the sexy devil girl, the next logical step was, of course, to follow up with a sexy angel girl. Because who says angels can’t be sexy as well?


Getting through

I have been kind of busy getting ready to move. It’s one of those decisions that was weighing on me before I made it. Moving is definitely difficult but I have to say moving back over seas after almost a year and a half is pretty stressful. 313 more words

Black Woman

Flames of Temptation

Listening to some heavy metal music put me in the mood to draw this sexy devil babe. I have to say she came out, shall we say, quite bedazzling?


Shrinkage diaries

Hey guys!

So as you all know I was doing this embracing my shrinkage thing because I have been writing my exams and I didn’t have time to take care of my hair. 377 more words

African Hair

Hold Hope

I do a lot of things to stay balanced and well. So I place a lot of importance on my inner circle. These are close family members and friends. 385 more words

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