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Fear of Nature

“Fear limited the scope of my experience.  Campfires and bonfires represented a conflation between the natural world and the human.  The wood in those piles was innocent and yet acted out a role.  1,953 more words


Americans Express Their Relationships With The Police

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself – unless it’s the police. Watch how Americans feel about the relationship between the people and the police.

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Black Women

Hetepheres II

Hetepheres II was an Egyptian princess who was a daughter of the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Khufu (the guy who commissioned the Great Pyramid at Giza). There is a bizarre legend claiming that Khufu forced her into prostitution in order to raise funds for the pyramid’s construction, but this is considered very unlikely by most Egyptologists. 83 more words


Love or Lust

Love is kind, love is sweet, an eternal love when two people meet. Lust is the devils thrust where two people meet and disuse their trust of their loved ones all in the name of fun. 241 more words

We Die Too.....

Regularly scheduled blogging will resume Monday peeps! I just had a little bit something to say on a couple of my social media pages, (if you don’t follow me on Twitter and Instagram or snapchat click on the Twitter and Instagram icons on the side of this page and I will post my snap name later on in this post) but here is just a little something that is on my mind, this isn’t some “but all loves matter” bull crap statement, just how I feel with some factual information also put in it. 204 more words

Purfectly Imperfect in Purple Event - Please support Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc...

Please join Sonya Mckinzie the CEO & President of Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc. and our very special guest speakers Lawrenceville Police Department, Certified Domestic Violence Officer, James Howard, and Survivor and Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate and Founder of S.A.V.E.D, … 153 more words


Meet The First Indigenous Woman To Represent Australia at Miss World

Meet the first Indigenous Woman to represent Australia at Miss World

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Black Women