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Black while online dating...

So in a effort to be less antisocial than I’ve been, I decided to join other millennials in search for…well I’m not so sure what yet, but at the very least a warm body to come over once in a while and promptly leave just a quickly as he came (pun fully intended…yes, I’m gross but you already knew that…). 550 more words

10 Words That Mean Something Different To Black Women

They say words are the weapons we use to either uplift or harm, and while this may be true, words also help us heal. For some, words mean different things and can sometimes be lost in translation. 53 more words


The Coming of Cthulhu

Two hundred thousand years ago, when the Great Old Ones came down to Earth and tried to subjugate the ascending species of Homo sapiens, they may not have necessarily been greeted with open arms. 64 more words


Living History: Dr. Mae Jemison, 7 Must-Know Facts about NASA's 1st Black Female Astronaut

Dr. Mae Jemison is a medical doctor, trailblazing astronaut and humanitarian.  Her life and career have been full of inspirational moments.  Here are 7 must-know facts about this living legend. 1,274 more words


Bathing in the Stone Age

200,000 years before the invention of modern bathtubs, this female Homo sapiens idaltu is making do with a savanna waterhole for her hygiene needs. Thankfully for us, this one is a young and healthy specimen. 26 more words


Miss Us With That - "I Don't Date Black Women" Speech

Black women often seem to be on the bottom of someone’s list. From being the most disrespected to the least likely to be successful. While all these lists are unwavering, the one thing that we can honestly do without is being told – “ 40 more words