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War Games part 3: Hero

Adam James spat out his spearmint gum as he leaned against a wall that vibrated from the train tracks below his feet. He hefted his AK-47 and watched the group of girls sitting on a bench across the train car. 3,167 more words


Dressed for China

Continuing with the theme of mixing ancient Egyptian and Chinese influences, here’s an influential Egyptian lady dressed for a visit in China. As they would say, when in China, do as the Chinese do. 7 more words

Black Woman

ON or OFF?

“I have an awkward question to ask you”


“…. When you’re having sex… what… well… where do you put it?”

“what?!? If I have to tell you, you probably shouldn’t be having sex!” 557 more words


Chinese Egyptian Portrait

I wanted to mix the ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures with this quick portrait. This character is probably an Egyptian maiden who was given over to the Emperor of China as a trophy wife or concubine. 29 more words



What have I done to you all..

but smile and shine my light for you all to see;

yet still you choose not to.

Only caught up on what you thought I was… 132 more words


Is being black ugly?

What is it about black features that supposedly makes it so unattractive to some. Is the lush lips, High melanin skin complexion, or just the coarse and strong hair. 514 more words