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25.2 Happy Details

Think about the good times

Her in your kitchen dancing

Without music or rationale

But heartbeats’ symphony.

Pause on that look on your face

Studying her sleep in secret… 125 more words


Surfing the Sauropod

As if emulating Tarzan or Fred Flintstone, this African huntress is applying her jungle-surfing skills to the neck of a browsing Brontosaurus excelsus.



Maybe the day will come when I think of you and grief does not overwhelm me

But today is not that day

May 2015


EVERY MAN can raise a Ruth in their first life

TITLE: The Third Life of Grange Copeland

AUTHOR: Alice Walker

PUBLISHER: The Women’s Press Limited


THIS BOOK raises questions on so many of life’s ills, but it left me feeling strange about them all. 514 more words

Alice Walker

A Knight and Her Steed

A young West African knight, equipped with lance and ankylosaur-hide shield, has to walk her Allosaurus steed by the reins since he’s gotten his leg injured in a recent skirmish. 59 more words


"I thought you were a strong Black Woman"

If any man says this to you, be he Black, White, Yellow or Green, you should knock him the fuck out! What does my Blackness have to do with anything in a relationship. 1,232 more words