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Babe With Her Bravoceratops

This tribal herder is just chillin’ with a drink and her pet Bravoceratops polyphemus. Because a cool drink is what every herder needs after a day of herding big ceratopsians out in the steamy jungle.


Black Love - Gods Hidden Treasures Of the Earth

Greetings Beautiful People!!!

i just want to first say brothahs ya’ll are shining!!! and if ya’ll don’t already know we (the sistahs) truly love and honor you.   491 more words

Relationship Issues

Hateful Tendencies: My Experience With Racism in Cambodia

Although, I am surrounded by people, I often feel spurts of loneliness. Not because I am homesick and not due to a lack of friends. It’s lonely because I feel as though I shoulder the burden of racism here independently, the one target, the one unwanted. 1,003 more words

Black Love - Power Of Submitting

Greetings Lovers!!!

so this post is for the sistahs.  are you and your beau arguing a lot and don’t know why?  does it feel like you are adversaries in the court of law rather than in love?   480 more words

Relationship Issues

Natural Styles for Working Out!

Working out and keeping those curls on point is a challenge! Just ask…me. Ha! Since I’m in that awkward phase right now of hair growth – not quite a TWA anymore (I think) and not really medium length, it’s pretty hard. 482 more words

Black Woman

Dreams deferred...or revived...you choose

Hey There!

Whoa! It’s been over two full months since I shared my last thoughts on this space. One of the primary reasons for my distance had a lot to do with fear. 644 more words