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The skin I’m in is beautiful,
The skin I’m in is mine,
Even if I hear a different message all the time.

Whiter, lighter, the standard has been set. 87 more words


The Black Womens Declaration For Living Well

I do not require approval from others to know my self-worth.

I am a curator of personally enriching experiences and knowledge that help me to grow. 257 more words


How Black women's empowerment (BWE) is like homeschooling

Both are ok individual solutions for individuals and individual families, but cannot effectively scale up at all and thus remain incomplete solutions.

Black women’s empowerment at its most simplified consists of American black women removing their financial, social and psychological support from dysfunctional American black communities, institutions and people in favor of giving that support to more functional groups and individuals that support them as individual black women.   201 more words


A is for Anger... And, Why I write What I write...


Today I wanted to discuss the last post that I wrote and some things that have been a long time coming.  It seemed that some commenters  don’t understand why I specifically highlight and focus on the privilege of certain groups and highlight the fact that in some situations black women aren’t going to win.  2,286 more words

Black Women

To the Question of Why… And, How to Remain Blissfully Neutral

This is a post that is long in coming because as I surf the web  I notice more and more black women continually perplexed by the phenomenon’s that they see, but what really had me ready to write this post was a post on a very good blog that I frequent… 2,446 more words

Black Women

A Lesson in Neutrality: #STAYINGOUTOFIT

The storm has arrived everyone. And While I have been done been prepared for this sort of thing, I knew it was coming so many black women are still left out in the cluster fuck. 1,090 more words

Black Women

A Declaration of Our Own

In the course of human events it becomes necessary for one group to leave that of another, despite common characteristics. Because there are expectations from said groups it becomes comes a point of contention within the lives of the first group. 895 more words

Black Women's Empowerment