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Black Washington D.C. Cop is Thrown to the Ground and Punched by Maryland Cops Because They Thought he Looked Like a Shooting Suspect

A Maryland cop searching for a shooting suspect described only as a “black man with a hoodie and jeans” ended up pouncing on a black man with a hoodie and jeans walking down the street, slamming him to the ground and handcuffing him while another officer punched him in the face. 324 more words


Rainy day, lazy day. 

I woke up today to an overcast sky and a fog that made me fear Dementors were lurking outside my door.

I love rainy days, it allows me a guilt free reason to hunker down with a hank of yarn, my kitties and a cup of tea. 72 more words


Black is Gold.

black is gold.

golden mother,

greener grass creating,

sun on bare backs.

eyes open.

starry night skinned-ed

traveling truths.


open wide.

no trife.

history unfolds… 14 more words