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All the feels.

We’re all guilty of it. There is one thing that is always overlooked. But is can make (or break) an outfit: texture.

It really is an easy thing to forget about. 225 more words



La Citroen ‘Deux-Chevaux’ (1986).

21st February 2017, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


Family walk

Family Walk through one of the oldest parts of Nijmegen city.

19th February 2017, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


Re-Constructing Home-Part 20: Black & White (Bethany's Thoughts on Design)

We are so close to drywall I can almost taste it. Well, not actually taste it (because that’s gross), but you get the idea. As visions of real walls dance in my head, I can’t help but get more excited about what I might put on those walls and what finishes and details I want. 223 more words



Rubbing its tummy
like a lover would,
gentle and soft,
trying to mold him
into his hands,
making him
the perfect fit.


What is LOVE ?

Nowadays people around the globe worry about a lot of things, such as: recession, retirement, peace and order, the future of their children and health care. 206 more words