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Michael Goodwin: Liar Liar Hillary's Pantsuit is on Fire -- An Addiction to Deception

New York Post: She can’t help herself. Hillary Clinton is addicted to deception.

The news that she used an iPad as well as BlackBerry demolishes her already-ridiculous claim that she set up a private e-mail server so she would only need to carry one gadget as secretary of state. 87 more words



No, it is not a new BlackBerry’s model. It is more of an honest wish of the busy little bees working in the BlackBerry to finally hit the positive profit score. 178 more words

Latest Mobiles Review of GSM-phone Siemens S45 and Siemens ME45

Without exaggeration, Latest Mobiles we can say that these two devices were among the most anticipated this year. Increased attention to new models of Siemens is because for the first time in the phones of this company adds support for GPRS, and the fact that the S45 and ME45 is a logical continuation of Siemens S35, one of the best vehicles business class. 696 more words

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BlackBerry's lucky that BB10 handsets sell so badly, or it would have real problems

A broken business model? Photo by MattHurst on Flickr.

BlackBerry announced its fiscal fourth-quarter results on Friday, covering the period over December 2014 to the end of February 2015, and they were pretty woeful. 1,833 more words


Why BlackBerry has become an interesting company again

Maybe you stopped caring about BlackBerry long before its share of the global smartphone market fell below 1 percent. Maybe you never even got the whole CrackBerry thing a decade ago. 842 more words