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Q and A: How Piers Morgan’s BlackBerry Passport Keeps the World Coming to Him

When Piers Morgan isn’t busy covering the news, he’s likely making headlines on his own. The British journalist and television personality has a keen eye for knowing what people are interested in, and his brash, bold personality ensures that the news he uncovers will be noticed. 1,202 more words


Dark matter full of piranhas: Android, Apple and the 3Q 15 smartphone scorecard

Remind you of the smartphone market? Red piranhas photo by Stig Nygaard on Flickr.

A friend of mine recently showed me his new handset. “It’s a Huawei,” he said. 3,070 more words


A Selection of Wild Flower 'Trios' from Fife

In response to this weeks ‘Weekly Photographic Challenge – Trio‘,  I’m posting seven wild flower ‘trios’ all taken around Fife in the last few months. 58 more words


Why I hate Whatsapp

Lately, more and more people suggest I use Whatsapp for whatever nonsense and I have so many problems with that app that I feel like if I don’t air them out somewhere I am going to explode. 2,249 more words


Digital vs Day Planner - Which user are you?

Last week I was perusing the Facebook entrepreneur groups that I belong to, and fell upon a discussion that got me thinking.

A friend of mine was asking for input on a day planner for 2016. 351 more words


Testing the BlackBerry Priv convinced me to buy another Passport

BlackBerry released its first Android smartphone, but if you want a true BlackBerry experience then buy a device that runs the BlackBerry 10 OS.

ZDNet’s Zack Whittaker posted his full BlackBerry Priv review a couple weeks ago and after seeing the low 5.7/10 rating I knew I had to test it myself since I just couldn’t believe it was really that bad. 564 more words

Why Blackberry Has Lost Its Doggone Mind

Blackberry, the worst fruity little device in the world, has been on my sh*tllist since 2009 when I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life — purchase the Blackberry Storm: 548 more words