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Yay Accomplishments

A few posts ago, I announced that Iuniverse contacted me to do a video interview at their expense. That was a wonderful surprise. Today, I was contacted to set up a video interview date, which will be in two weeks, and I couldn’t be more excited. 201 more words


I won Camp NaNo + first draft of Chasing Nonconformity complete!

Fellow bloggerites, I have officially won Camp NaNo and completed the first draft of Chasing Nonconformity (the sequel to Imminent Danger). Huzzah and rejoice, my friends! 316 more words


Promo Stickerz for the LA Times Book Festival

Happy Friday, my friends! Anyone else psyched that this cold, rainy week is finally over? Maybe the cold raininess is just an Ontario thing. Still … looking forward to being able to leave the apartment without needing both my full winter gear  363 more words


Bookmarks! Bookmarks! Bookmarks!

Sorry, I tend to get over-excited by little things. However, yesterday was quite thrilling in that my shipment of 3,000 bookmarks arrived in California in preparation for the LA Times Festival of Books. 377 more words


L.A. Festival of Books Booth 214

This is a quickie shameless plug, which I haven’t done in quite sometime, so here it goes:

Blackbird LSD (social media & publicity for indie authors) as well as myself have secured our booth at the L.A. 238 more words

Publishing Venture

Aestheticism and Reputation

Recently, a wonderful blogger I have met sent me an email regarding a website she had come across which was geared up to be like my… 694 more words


The Big Speaking Event

The day has come. Literally. It’s one a.m. on my coast, which means I am speaking before a large group in less than nine hours.  I should be asleep, but I keep looking out the window to see if I’ll be snowed in. 347 more words