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Spying or Safety? EU Says All New Cars Must Have a 'Black Box'

All new cars and vans throughout the EU must be fitted with an ‘SOS’ black box within three years, the European Parliament has ruled. The device will automatically contact emergency services in the event of an accident. 657 more words

End Time Prophecy

Random Notes on Python II

In continuation of an old post on Python, I’ve been playing around with an awesome new library built by P. Morissette simply titled BT. It includes numerous functions for back testing and displaying results & charts for daily strategies and lower frequencies. 175 more words


BlackBox - The First Dexterity Game

It has been many years since my BlackBox game got a mention and so I thought it was time to bring it up again.

I first wrote the game BlackBox for Dexterity in 1999 while I operated as… 412 more words


‘God Box’ : A wandering Jew’s spiritual journey

WATERTOWN — We human beings are wired to find the humor in the most tragic, dark situations, as a way of keeping our sanity or as part of the healing or grieving process. 485 more words

The build

So the build begins, this is the prototype I put together to see if it would work, basically a Raspberry Pi2 with the GPS HAT and LCD plate stacked, proved to be fragile when out testing in the car and was ‘begging’ for a proper enclosure and not a cardboard box. 244 more words


The Crash/Downing of the Germanwings plane & why I think there is a conspiracy here.

I am not normally a big conspiracy buff but when I see something like this that is so in your face with lies and things that do not make sense then the word conspiracy does fill my head.  1,681 more words

Conspiracy Theories