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The Worst of the Best of Us (2018)

The most surprising, productive, enjoyable, and successful process I embarked on thus far my junior year has been this duet. When second year graduate student Josh Anderson approached me in August asking me to create a duet with him based on responses to writing prompts given to each other, I’m not sure either of us knew what to expect. 242 more words


Where is Stellar Daisy's 'blackbox'?

In South Korea, the devastated families of some missing crew of the ill-fated bulk carrier ship Stellar Daisy insist that the vessel’s blackbox has to be recovered. 191 more words



I recently got a new iPhone (iPhone 8 plus, how exciting) and I’m pleased to say I love it. Now that I have more space on my phone I’ve started to get more apps and game to play. 197 more words

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Advent Of Christmas - Cake Mixing

In Calcutta Christmas is always special! Its popularly known as “barodin” which means a long day literally (Around this time of the year the day starts getting longer). 295 more words


Video Premiere: Major Parkinson - "Blackbox"

Major Parkinson – “Blackbox”

Norway’s Major Parkinson surged back this year with the eccentric and stunning “Blackbox”.  One thing that is often missing from some bands’ marketing is a follow up music video after the album release, but don’t count Major Parkinson among that crowd.  199 more words

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Most Singaporeans doubt they have been told the truth about MRT issues: survey

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

A majority of Singaporeans polled doubt that they have been given the full picture about the issues plaguing the MRT, according to a new survey by market research company Blackbox Research. 293 more words

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VU+ Player app not working with Ipad Iphone IOS 11

It is so annoying when apps don’t work any more after a device or software undergoes a so-called update. I have the feeling that some programmers (especially those at Mozilla forever buggering about with Firefox) have the feeling that if THEY don’t use or need an app, nobody else should. 448 more words

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