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Interstellar Is Real!

So recently observers in China have spotted using the Hubble telescope a super massive black hole which is 12 billion times more massive than the sun. 130 more words

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These Are Not Hollywood Stars!

Our star, the Sun, isn’t the only type of star out there. It’s a G-type main-sequence star that’s not extremely special in any way, although we find the light and warmth very pleasant. 327 more words


Cool Science

For this weeks cool science we will go to the stars!

Here is news on a massive Blackhole that’s apparently way, way larger than we had previously speculated. 39 more words

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A new supermassive black hole puzzles scientists

Astronomers have found a new, supermassive black hole that’s 12 billion times more massive than the sun, and the discovery, described in a paper published… 292 more words


From Quantum Physics to Hindu Metaphycis :: The Hindu Cosmology:: Big Bang

Recently Canadian Scientists proposed that Big Bang is not the starting of this universe. Universe never have began at a point but it is always existed. 1,413 more words

Sanatan Dharma And Science


It started again today,
This hole in my chest,
Like a knife, causing decay,
I hold it in, to my very best.

I smile as much as I can, 194 more words