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Soul collapsing piece by piece,

A blackhole sucking the life out,

Is what depression feels like.

-alpaca spaceman


Life Moves On

So I have had the day to think about what happen with me and the guy I was seeing. The only explanation I can come up with is; it just wasn’t the right time for us. 59 more words


Grey Cloud

So back story first since it’s been awhile. All has been going well at Company X. My team mate is awesome. Our queue has been flowing steady yet not completely overwhelming. 155 more words



looking back on August i found some sort of trial of love that was only for a short period. it was a tale of seeing how all these sad, helpless emotions played out and investigating a part of life i wasn’t ready for… li… 1,282 more words


St. John Church, Kolkata

As I walked passed the grand Raj Bhawan of West Bengal, at the intersection of Kiran Shankar Roy street and Council House Street just few minutes walk from the Raj Bhawan, Kolkata is situated St. 245 more words


Life Update

Soooo. It’s been awhile. I have been doing well. 213 more words


“Amassment Of All That Matters”

As I was


For my truth


In the vastness

Of space, realization

Had imploded in

Me and outwards

with a certain grace,

It became clear… 78 more words