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The Blackhole of Innovation - Organization Unchained

Is there a giant supernova buried in our organizations today? Many firms and organizations have struggled to figure out why they continue  to struggle to innovate effectively despite a highway influx of knowledge, information, talent and resources. 722 more words


Blackhole, are they real?

What do you see during night-time? Visible colors are limited to the eyesight capturing silhouette and shadowy figures. A star exploded and its radiance mist is called the supernova, still observable in the hubble telescope. 1,016 more words

Low-Dose Gamma Ray Exposure In Mandala

She is my spirit animal

A few issues I have were triggered the other day. You know how sometimes you really are not ok, you are just really good at pretending and fooling everyone into thinking you are. 88 more words


black holes 

“A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. 127 more words

Blackhole - October 2015 Newcastle Cluny - PHOTOS

22nd October 2015, Newcastle Cluny

Opening up for Frank Carter, he’s a few shots from their set.

Click a thumbnail to view fullscreen. 46 more words


"Yin <>❤ <> Yang"

It’s not by
Or maybe
It was
A perfect
That all of
This spiraled
Out you,
Meeting you,
Covered in
Starlight under… 18 more words


Tonight I want to cross over

To the universe

Breathe in the freedom

Of falling into

The black hole

All is not lost

We will find there… 12 more words