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“Amassment Of All That Matters”

As I was


For my truth


In the vastness

Of space, realization

Had imploded in

Me and outwards

with a certain grace,

It became clear… 78 more words

“Metaphor Of The Cosmos”

I slow

down sometimes,

Just so You

Can take your

Time and

Drift into the

black empty hole of my

eyes , see with your eyes  35 more words


Near a negative

star  in the

Cosmos I drift

Time and space

do not exist


Even light

can escape its grips

I watch planets & 17 more words

Day 3 Company X

Being back on campus has been a real nostalgic feeling as well as a feeling of despair. I just have to remember that this is a new chapter not an old chapter. 38 more words


Censuring actuaries for telling the truth about the pension black hole

Last week I wrote on “The Public Pension Black Hole”. In the report I wrote the beauty of pension accounting is that slight tweaks can make a large unfunded liability… 438 more words


So what happens after you kill yourself?

These are not my words. I shall not take credit for something I did not write. 772 more words