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But I never made it out of the black-hole. I was delusional. I must have been consumed by it.

-The Gypsy


ويبقي وجه ربك ذوالجلال والاكرام
Yang kekal adalah Dzat Tuhan mu yang mempunyai keagungan dan kemuliaan.

Tahukah anda di dunia ini semua serba ilmiah ?Awal terbentuk tata surya karena big bang / meledaknya bola raksasa di jagat raya lalau mereka memisah misah. 413 more words

How the Soul Ends

The space between

the left,

the right ribs

tends to pop

as a star does,

it starts with



a whimper,

struggling with escape.


Let Me Count The Ways

True time travel (yes, it’s possible) is called time dilation.  The faster you go the slower time will pass. This is the core of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.   736 more words

Weekly Post

Find yourself

Are you saying that you understand everything else in this world, but do not know what is? Are you saying that you understand the astronomy and black holes, and quarks, you mastered computer science, but you do not know who you are? 1,857 more words


Blackhole gang shipping off to Russian penal colony

Seems like just yesterday, the whole infosec world was obsessed with Blackhole. And we had every right to be.

Blackhole brought together complete, easy-to-use tools… 467 more words

Security Threats

Behemoth black hole found in an unlikely place

Watch out, Earth! Scientists have discovered a massive black hole in our universe, one that weighs the equivalent of 17 billions suns! While the size of this black hole is very significant, something that makes it even more unique is it’s location in our universe. 157 more words