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If a man could hold a black hole (#20)

If a man could hold a black hole
I wonder what he would do
Would saving the world be his goal
Or placing the fan in the way of the poo?


continent of nitrogen scales; bleak vision and epileptic turnovers

in leather you breathe
it is la langue, la photographie
the dry scalp you eat in between fingernail breaks
coughing microbites into the sacred division of… 131 more words


CakePHP, the Security and Csrf components and the blackhole

The CakePHP Security and Csrf components are there to make our websites more secure, but they have been giving me some troubles to make them work correctly though. 712 more words


impressionist effect

the moon is really
a ball of white bones

gravity collected them
as they swung by

on some giant orbit
between us and

a blackhole that… 73 more words


Black Star

A Negative Sun

Devouring light


The laws

An Impossible

& unstable existence….



into one


A Metaphysics Metaphor

By Cameron Crowell // Co-Editor

Remember getting caught up thinking about

God and Love and Infinity

and how they all end up being numbers.

Fractions at that. 117 more words


The Girl Who Was From An Unknown Dimension?????

From a temporal distortion

In my space time zone

In the middle of a poem

Where I planned to

chart NGC 4321

In the Virgo… 16 more words