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The Whirling Abyss

Away for a  small break in Brisbane this weekend to see Porter Robinson and Madeon’s “Shelter” concert (if you actually look at my “about me” page you’ll see that these two artists both rank in my top 5, so imagine how excited I was to see them both at once!) It was absolutely amazing and something I’ll remember for a good while. 55 more words


Scientists are about to switch on a telescope that could photograph a black hole's event horizon

Black holes are among the most fascinating objects in the known Universe. But despite the fact that they’re suspected to lurk at the centre of most galaxies, the reality is that no one has ever been able to actually photograph one. 891 more words


Black Hole powered jets fuel star formation

Powerful radio jets from the black hole – which normally suppress star formation – are stimulating the production of cold gas in the galaxy’s extended halo of hot gas. 641 more words


Gravity vs. Light

The light from a distant galaxy gets warped and distorted thanks to the immense gravity of the closer reddish-orange galaxy

We usually think light is pretty fast.  420 more words


Black Hole Eats Star for Ten Years!

A supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy about 1.8 billion lightyears from Earth has been slowly “eating” a star for about a decade now. 144 more words



Hot Chocolate



reawakened, they curl

around hot ceramic, emerging back

to life

Black hole

No escape

Black. Forbidding

it speaks of wonder

but yet, when asked, “what’s inside?” 22 more words


When do you make the decision?

At what point in time of your life do you decide it is you and not everyone else? I know that is cryptic. I mean at what point in life do you decide that you aren’t going to find someone to share your life with? 241 more words