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Dear reader of http://www.slicethecoin.wordpress.com,

Hi! My name is Shuchi, the writer of all the poems you receive through my blog.

I am also a published author under pen name “Muse Thirteen.” I am writing this post to personally connect with my readers/followers of the blog and to give away the free copy of my book “From the Dark Side to Transcendence”, that is available “on purchase” at all Amazon Kindle stores worldwide. 490 more words

Rust & Stardust

Intimate relationships, much like the cosmos, have laws. Laws of attraction, laws of chemistry, and laws of physics. I’ve often wondered why it is that some couples are perfect for each other, and others seem to perpetuate poetic catastrophe. 190 more words

The Glory of the Milky Way Galaxy


A galaxy is a gigantic assemblage of stars, planets, systems, asteroids, and many other celestial objects in space, and no, I’m not talking about the Samsung devices. 499 more words

The Death Hole

What is the “death” hole?
It’s a dark opening which is district in space where the pulling power of gravity is strong to the point that the nimble light can’t get away. 701 more words

Quick and easy way to have a home DNS server via Pi-hole - part 1

Don’t you want to block those pesky Internet ads and pop-ups ads? Pi-hole is the answer.

If you do not know what a pi-hole is, here is an extract from the pi-hole GitHub page. 340 more words


"Technology will create humans."

Since, I born in last decade of 20th century, I can explain the evolution of technology better than anyone else, who were born in mid 90’s or in 21st century. 486 more words

The Black Hole 

Steal me? Can you heal me?
Broken in verses, from all the love.

Feel me? Sense my dreams and deeds,

With time that bleeds out of our singularities. 95 more words