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"Dissipating The Love I Have"

the void
by love

and spiraling
the love I
don’t have….
but now I dont
I was… a sun..
.but then the… 11 more words

"100% the speed of light"

What happens
When we spin
Faster break
The laws we are
Bound by pull
The mass of
The universe
Into us growing, 59 more words

Black hole

okay so I’ll crawl back into my hole

Back to feeling that I’m alone

This lonely place which i call home

These four walls that contain my soul… 27 more words

The largest black hole
known to man is the Quasar
OJ287, and has an expected
mass of 18 billion times that
of our own sun.The largest black hole… 20 more words


Blackhole (Re)forms: Excellent News Emerges For Earth

Blackhole are back together, playing gigs, writing songs. This is excellent, almost as excellent as this;

I mean, is that not one of the best things you’ve heard in ages? 137 more words

Blackholes and the Action Principle.

This is not an article that purports to establish any link between what I have to say about Black-holes and what I have to say about Action Principle… 1,353 more words

Particles And Their Properties

Super Black Hole

Scientists have been puzzling for years to explain observations confirmed by the Hubble telescope and other sources. Where does Dark Matter come from? What is Dark Energy? 295 more words