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Black hole

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Black hole

I try to imagine
your fingers
your touch
and how I’ll get lost
your body as a black hole
sucking me in
unrelenting attraction
keeping me in the dark… 13 more words


The black hole.

She was seated in an almost empty train when she felt that something inside her was swallowing her whole. She felt a pang of horror and told herself that everything was normal. 61 more words

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The stars in her eyes

How often do we look up at the stars and take it for granted they will always be there?
It’s because in our life time they will always be there. 530 more words

Don Lemon on being Don Lemon: "It ain't easy."

In a very thorough profile for Metro Weekly, CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon talked about his scandals, his desire to join Tinder and to date, and his thoughts on the 2016 election. 142 more words


Attic Of Secrets

Secrets are your black hole.
Something not quite understood by all.
A gravitational field you are,
Too small to be so forceful.
Defying the many laws. 128 more words

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