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Converse with men makes sharp the glittering wit,
But God to men doth speak in solitude.

Wake up, it's Wednesday!

Here’s a bit of Soca to get you going with a smile this morning.

I first heard this in Tobago a few years ago.  We were at a beach party drinking copious amounts of rum punch and dancing in the sand on the most beautiful secluded beach you’ve ever seen. 62 more words


Spotlight » Vocare Media {Videography}

Moving pictures is a guaranteed way to record your memories. The looks, the touch, the moments missed. Wouldn’t you wished that they have all been captured? 204 more words

Vendors Spotlight


I’ve introduced you to the four major male characters that we have in the Blackston Lake Saga last week. The welcome home pajama party is now over, Allan and Marcus are headed back up to Lake Michigan with their ladies, leaving Craig and Howard to talk…       … 492 more words


Cat delivers his verdict on Mac & Cheese: 'Oh yum! Oh my God!'

I must have watched this short clip ten times, cackling away. I first saw it on tastefully offensive. It’s so funny. I have a black cat… 354 more words


Cessy B: A Vision of Majestic Beauty


As I am sitting in bed writing this, I have my little elf-like, supposed-to-be-a-teacup-but-is-really-a-teapot-yorkshire-terrier sitting on my lap snortling. Nat, I know you know what I’m talking about – but for those of you who don’t…Yes, you read that right – snortling. 632 more words

Surprise Phone Call

   Ever wonder what happened to a dear friend?  A phone rings and suddenly doubts disappear as you smile and feel silly for ever doubting that friendship. 306 more words

Blackston Lake