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Another site has been devoted to the extortion practices of Translator-Scammers.com. The site specifies that “verification” with $ 50 would not have placed this translator on the scammer list. 169 more words


The Billionaire Takes a Bride

Billionaire Sebastian Cabral never wanted to be famous like his family. He avoided their reality tv show like it was the plague. He will get worried when his ex shows up and wants to get back together.

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Thoughts On Books

Computers hate you.

The computer is an important item in our daily lives. It is a part of the growing technological advances that our human geniuses have invented. Some believe that it may even be smarter than a human being. 480 more words


Corporate espionage - webcams used to blackmail victims into spilling company secrets

July 19, 2016

Source: neowin.net

Delilah malware utilizes webcams to blackmail victims into spilling company secrets.

Cybercriminals are currently utilizing a new piece of malware to gather private moments of employees, which in turn is used as blackmail for these people to disclose secrets of companies they work for. 248 more words

Blackmailing addict 'took £40k from victim over 15 years', threatening to accuse him of rape

July 19, 2016

Source: gazettelive.co.uk

Sharon Mincher, 45, targeted ‘vulnerable’ man for over two decades, but despite 184 offences against her she isn’t jailed.

A female drug addict bled a “vulnerable” man out of £40,000 in a two-decade long blackmail campaign, threatening to claim he’d raped her if he told police. 473 more words