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Trust Me: Matty and Kayla

Matty McDaniels took care of his brothers which was why he was allowing himself to be blackmailed by the neighborhood gangster. He would become Mick’s fighter for a year which would pay off his debt.

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What are the odds? slim, slim indeed.


What are the Odds? NYC Midnight Post Part One

After Mal is blackmailed by a co-worker, it seems every day brings a new surprise. 2,625 more words

NYCMM Short Story Challenge

Trust in the Tameness of a Wolf?

Okay, enough is enough! All these years I have been an advocate of cultural relativism. Ethical parity when societal mores and folkways are accounted for. I still am a staunch defender of freedom of belief and societally derived variations from what might be seen as a Western norm, but there are times when I must step back and shake my head. 924 more words

Sextortion and how to prevent it

Cyber Crime Response Agency receives many calls per week from individuals reporting that an online sexual encounter took place, with the opposite sex on camera. These situations typically result in the other party threatening to post private images of the victim online, unless that victim pays an amount of money. 256 more words

Online Safety

How virtual world kills people?


Words can’t kill you, but their effect could be suicidal. You don’t believe this? Little girl from north-western Croatia, small city Lobor, 15 year old,  was found dead after threats and insults at her internet profile. 574 more words


BareBackStudios - Blackmailing Daddy

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Shoplyfter - Case No. 3312488

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