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Always Harping.

Consumed with Curiosity.


Tell the Truth.

Shame the Devil.

Something suspicious demanded.


Care to acknowledge,

Wanted to know.



A quick black-out poem I did last night whilst unable to sleep ( again).  The source text was taken from a book about omens and superstitions.

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Blackout Poetry

I have been doing this for a while now. It’s a new form of art where you piece together a group of words to create your own poem. 41 more words


My Kleon Collection is Complete!

Ahhhh, here it is. My full collection of Austin Kleon books. It’s so nice to be inspired by someone who’s still alive, because you get to experience their evolution in real time.  181 more words


"The Wall" by Molly Glynn

The Wall

the day he was assassinated, a Prague citizen painted on one white wall an image of John Lennon, a pacifist icon and “hero to the youth of Prague” (Prague.net). 636 more words

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Nothing's There

Nothing’s There
Blackout Poem
by j.kiley

A moment left to laugh
Than trial

Let the high power
Wander restlessly

Assured by the intelligence
Of the music in the air… 31 more words


Wallace, Star

You realize    old enough now
you believe in spirits, yes.
My grandfather was scary.
I’ve felt him long dreaming.

He pulled his      image
maybe isn’t the word. 51 more words