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Page Cannibals: p.836, Larva

I’ve been on hiatus for a bit. Last week was the Indy Fringe Festival, so of course we were scurrying about town and watching several shows; the kiddo was teething again; had a lovely weekend at the lake with the kiddo and my niece; I mowed the lawn. 166 more words


I Get Ready With Hope - Blackout Poem, #1

I get ready with hope
You feel like my home
I am not immune
From your warmth
You are good naturally

Fall with my comfortably
For I enjoy us


p.1149, Pattern

Tuesday. New poem. This one was a definite surprise, I did not see the tone coming when I initially started highlighting words from the page. 40 more words


Blackout Day (a.k.a. Day 10)

Today’s assignment: Take a random page from a book and create a blackout poem from it. I chose The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, and randomly selected page 131. 107 more words


New Page Cannibals Piece

I meant to post this yesterday, but ended up publishing a new short story and saved the latest blackout poem for today. I’ve also been dealing with some frustrations in my attempts to include the links to my Medium stories – yesterday, no matter what I did, the link image would not show up in my WordPress draft. 23 more words


Page Cannibals: p.346, Complex

So… I had a lot of fun with today’s poem. So much fun that I might use a psychiatry textbook or reference guide for a later part of this project. 51 more words


Page Cannibals: p.1689, Value

Back on track today. This one is essentially the last of my ‘first round’ of writing these poems… The batch I’m currently working on is more focused on using an entire page, or half a page, instead of just a single definition. 51 more words