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Blackout Education

This is a blackout poem, taken from a news article in the local paper about education funding.


Better not start counting
just yet.
An effort to overturn, is continuing. 164 more words


April 10



Bringing incomprehensible sentiment

Not to understand in detail

Perplexing two-thirds of the universe.


(A Blackout Poem)

The poem was created from words found on the opening page of the following article about physics and dark matter… 7 more words


My Creepy Foreboding Poem

Stark and angular, silently domelike

Its walls glowed with violet flame 66 more words


Prologue (blackout poem)

I recently turned several pages of a paperback romance novel into blackout poetry! Here’s one from the first page.


Honor Pledge, Research and Art in the Digital Age, and Peer Review Prep

Class Agenda

  1. Tech Presentation #2
  2. Wrap-up plagiarism, copyright, Honor Pledge, and adding a Creative Commons license to your blog using widgets
  3. Sirc, Duchamp, readymades, and postmodern art/creativity sharing…
  4. 948 more words

Sirc, Duchamp, Readymades, and Writing

As you know, Tuesday’s class is cancelled, and the following post contains all the information you need to be ready for Thursday. Be sure to review the project details for the  2,381 more words


Side A

You, sanctuary of withering roses
Cathedral of injustice
You, ballad drenched in misery
Try to put on your smile

You, after scent of campfire
Cloud of billowing smoke, ignite
You, smoldering volcano
Nervous fireworks, breathe

You, mosaic of self-inflicted wounds
Playground of dancing ghosts
You, gripped by grief
Skirmish till you're barely alive

You, sinking ship
Neglected thought, dying or dead
You, forgotten fossils
Death can't kill you

You, whoever you are
You, everything you didn't want to be
You, you're doing just fine
You, it all will be alright… 100 more words