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Poetry In Blackout

A few days ago, I posted my very first attempt at a blackout poem on Instagram. Blackout poetry, if you’re unfamiliar with the method, is taking an old book or newspaper and crossing out the text, save for the words that will create a new poem. 213 more words


Poetic Form: Blackout Poem

A Blackout Poem is a type of found poem (to be discussed later) that is created by taking a piece of text, say a newspaper article or a page from the Bible, and removing words with a writing implement until a poem is formed. 52 more words


Writing Exercise

Testing economic fortunes
Money without rules
People use global attention
A time of worry
A reflection of public discomfort
free of requirements, reversed course
Adopting rules that threaten benefits… 54 more words


April 10



Bringing incomprehensible sentiment

Not to understand in detail

Perplexing two-thirds of the universe.


(A Blackout Poem)

The poem was created from words found on the opening page of the following article about physics and dark matter… 7 more words


My Creepy Foreboding Poem

Stark and angular, silently domelike

Its walls glowed with violet flame 66 more words