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Froyo, fainting, and friendship

Life is excellent at telling you when you are doing too much. My body is excellent at telling me when I’m had too much (emotionally) and not enough (nutritionally). 208 more words


A blind date

Messed up the design. Should have made “She survived” more obvious to read first. Visual design is not my strong suit.


"Nationwide blackout throws Turkey into chaos"

“Power outages have been reported in dozens of cities throughout the country due to a fault on power transmission lines, according to Turkey’s Electricity Transmission Company TEİAŞ’s statement.” 9 more words


Last seven hour Turkey lived blackout

The electricity was only in the two cities for last seven hours. The others and whole country were in blackout. Think of any electrical appliances and communication tool do not work. 289 more words


Turkey experiencing electricity blackout

Power outage in most of Turkey occured after problems in transmission lines, Turkish Electricity Transmission Company, TEIAS officials say

Country-wide Blackout in Turkey

For around an hour by now, 31 March 2015, 11.40 local time, there is no electricity throughout Turkey. No one has some idea about the reason of the country wide blackout and there’s no announced estimated time to fix the problem. 27 more words