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#UpdatedCard: RISE (@RISE_ENGLAND) "Blackout" *New Matches Added*

RISE England presents “Blackout” at Liberty’s, Middlesbrough on December 16th.

RISE have made a couple of changes and added several new matches to “Blackout”, BT Gunn has been removed from what was a Three-Way match with Liam Slater & “Pastor” William Eaver and will face CS Rose, Eaver and Slater will go one-on-one in a #1 Contenders match, there will still ne a Three-Way contest involving Primate, David Graves & HT Drake and Little Miss Roxxy takes on Kasey Owens in singles action. 58 more words

Radical Innovation Of Sports Entertainment

Blackout: Part 1

A portion of “Blackout” was originally posted as part of T Minus 40 1,309 more words
Creative Writing

Poverty Princess on the Definitive Albums of the ***Noughtie$***

The Holy Quaternary of Albums

Definition of Quaternity, plural Quaternities:  a union of a group or set of four

I realise Trinity sounds so much better but I couldn’t leave one out. 777 more words

Black Sun Empire - Elusive

You might mentioned before how I’m about BSE‘s music art. Here is another one d’n’b masterpiece Black Sun Empire – Elusive, released on… 18 more words



Prompt: Panoply

There was a power outage, and a quarter-moon, so the streets were blanketed in a dense black haze. Hootie decided that since it was a perfect mugging environment downtown, he would set forth and find the man who shot him. 657 more words

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My New Book!

As many of you have probably noticed I have been quite absent the last month, though I have tried to stay a little active. Well, that reason is because I have been doing work preparing for the release of my second book which came out this morning! 318 more words