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Electricity Out

The electricity just went out in my building. The co-op president is trying to find out why. I have a flashlight & backup power sources for my cell & computer so I should be okay for a while. 15 more words

Will You Take Part in the "National Black-Out" This Holiday Season?" The discussion tonight on "Conversations Of A Sistah"

There’s a move this holiday season by some 500 organizations with diverse leaders from 40 states, that have formed a ‘economic boycott’ and National Black-Out… 167 more words

Conversations Of A Sistah

The Power of Black Dollars: A plea for full participation in the Black Friday boycott

Money changes everything.

As much as we romanticize and idealize the Montgomery bus boycotts and sit-ins of the Civil Rights Era when blacks’ version of the American Dream was still being handcuffed by Jim Crow realities, the success in the movement wasn’t about men and martyrs as much as it was about what everything in this great county Tis of Thee is about; the almighty dollar. 2,045 more words

Just Flowing

Primal attraction

yes I’m drawn. He’s electricity, pulsing primal attraction, deliciously releasing me. I’m spinning, shaking, all yours!
~ im a newbie with blackout poetry, i suck lol


Subway Yoga - Blackout: A virtual glimpse into the lives of strangers by Specular

Public transit and I have rocky but passionate relationship. Though it’s anonymous, you become a member of a temporary community whether you like it or not. 624 more words

Economic Empowerment

Its called group Economics


Lights out?

Ted Koppel, long time journalist and TV reporter, has currently a sobering book about……..electricity!  Though the New York Times review frowned on Ted’s  book (which he noted is not an analysis but rather a weaving of anecdotal tales),  others have been taking him seriously.   216 more words