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Australian invention for the micro-grid

“In distributed power generation, rather than having a massive centralized grid, you’re talking about much smaller micro-grids,” says Moghtaderi. “This system, in the Energy on Demand mode, has been designed for a micro-grid application.

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M-Trill - Back To Thrill

When and how did music start for you?

I would say in secondary school, I fell in love with rap based on listening to my older brother’s mix. 278 more words

Five Qs Wit'

Luna City Corporation

When I first started working for the State I had some time that my hands were not busy.  So I drew using my time working for a mortgage corporation to build the Luna City Corporation. 75 more words

You Have Not Really Lived In New York Until...

It occurred to me that I have been living here in Manhattan since 2003. I’ve seen friends come and go, and then come back. Made me start thinking what you need to complete your residency in New York City. 894 more words


The Great New York City Blackout Of 1977

I saw a program the other day about an event I previously had known little about:  the great New York blackout of 1977.  Something about the story left me with a distinct feeling of unease.   1,055 more words


The moment the Lights Went Out

I had a better day at work today. I felt like I learned a thing or two and I got to see several patients. I left the hospital around 4pm and it’s been a pretty rainy day. 430 more words

Review: Blackout/Nightblind

Book Titles: Blackout/Nightblind
Author: Ragnar Jonasson
Translator: Quentin Bates
Series: Dark Iceland #2 & #3
Genres: Crime Fiction, Nordic Noir

*Quick note-on Goodreads, the order is stated as reading Nightblind followed by Blackout. 902 more words