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A Diagonal Way of Looking at Bingo

Last weekend, as part of a synagogue fundraiser, I played Bingo. Although I didn’t win, five of the 10 people sitting at our table, including my wife, won, and our table was loud, funny and the center of attention. 176 more words

El Gran Apagón

He leído numerosas veces en las redes sobre posibles apagones, técnicamente llamados “blackouts”, a raíz de la suspensión de unidades de la AEE en no cumplimiento con los Estándares de Emisión de Mercurio y Tóxicos de Aire (MATS, en inglés). 531 more words

Renewable Energy

Till Dark Do Us Part

Like hundreds of thousands of people in NSW, we have experienced stormy conditions over the past week. Strong winds and heavy rain have seen rivers flood, trees fell, paddocks turn into lakes, roads into obstacle courses and thousands without electricity for days. 605 more words


Baltimore Rages

Baltimore Rages

Yesterday on April 25, 2015, insane and escalated scenes broke out in downtown Baltimore. What started off as an orderly rally to demonstrate the serious frustration of the loss of another Black man in the arms of an officer quickly turned into graphic scenes of destruction and violence. 261 more words


Day 21 - Designing with Ologies (A Blackout Poem)

Assign, block, color
an abstract pattern
to help them
identify one from another.
Then arrange them.

The key to this approach lies
in how it has users. 84 more words

Creative Writing

Shopping During a Blackout: Yesterday and Today

By: Tom Chatham

There is much talk about the possibility of an EMP or CME that takes out the power grid causing chaos nationwide. Some have stated that having cash on hand is necessary to make some last minute shopping trips to top off supplies. 652 more words


Out of the Dark Ages: How solar panels might make blackouts history

The East Coast Low of April 2015 has been devastating. Lives were lost, countless millions of dollars’ worth of damage and destruction to property was sustained, and hundreds of thousands of homes (along with important infrastructure) lost power. 625 more words