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Blackout Music NL - Telekinesis - OBEY EP - [Review]

Obey is the order of the EP, for should you not, you are to experience telekinetic blackouts.

This is Telekinesis showing off their musical powers on the… 198 more words

Live From Edmonton!

Here’s another show review this was Modern Space at the Mercury Room with Matchbreaker and Space Classic.

Cassie and myself have witnessed the unique sound of Modern Space now a few times. 402 more words



Satgi nak p mesejid. Ada forum perdana (hopefully aku tak tidoq).

Baru nak pkai pashmina aku (eceehhh… kerek…hahahha), blackout.

“Weyh, nak dok dalam bilik ko. Bilik aku panas gelap takdak api.” 46 more words

The One with the Blackout

When I first moved into the room I would be subletting until June 1, the overhead light flickered on occasion. Mostly, it was lighthouse-quality steady and calm, but now and then–and for the first few seconds every time I flipped the switch to “on”–it hummed and buzzed and looked like the start of a horror movie starring Jack Nicholson. 643 more words

Once Upon A Time In New York City

I guess I’d been running ever since I’d left San Antonio; maybe it’s a universal truth that we’re all running from something, or maybe to something. 2,039 more words