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In 2017, the two biggest U.S.-based fund managers, BlackRock and Vanguard — which control a combined $12 trillion in assets — both voted to require Exxon Mobil to produce a report on climate change.

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Students Demand Conversation about BlackRock

Dani M. & Hezekiah S.

Pitzer’s Core Values have been called into question by students investigating the involvement of Pitzer trustee, Robert Fairbarn, in the investment management company, BlackRock. 1,175 more words


Echoing (or catching up to) the findings of VEA Chair Bob Monks in his book Citizens Disunited, this reflects increasing concerns about “drone” investors. …

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Strengthening Aladdin

BlackRock, the firm which owns Aladdin, has made couple strategic acquisitions in recent years in order to boost the software’s capabilities.

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Majority Action’s latest report on asset manager votes on climate change show little progress:

BlackRock and Vanguard voted for 99% of U.S. large capitalization energy and utility company-proposed directors and 100% of their say on pay proposals.

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Climate Change

Canada’s new ambassador to China was already facing questions for his business ties. His marriage is raising more

Vancouver (Toronto Star) —Canada’s new ambassador to China recently married the head of Asia Pacific operations for BlackRock, the world’s largest asset-management firm, raising concerns among former ambassadors and a democracy watchdog that Dominic Barton will encounter conflicts between his personal interests and public role. 118 more words


Differences between SCD and Aladdin

My experiences working with SCD and Aladdin provided me the pleasure in understanding both systems. This means I encountered, learned, and understood similarities as well as differences between these two softwares. 162 more words