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Bandung Buruvo, Bailouts & Giveaways

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Before you study the economics, study the economists!

Bandung Buruvo, Bailouts & Giveaways

e-Con e-News 17-23 May 2020

The media is blaming the capitalist collapse on a virus. 18,127 more words

Foxes in the henhouse – Who decides where government bailout money goes?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, trillions of bailout dollars in the U.S. and Canada are about to be fire-hosed into particular areas of the economy. 1,437 more words



Του Δημήτρη Κούλαλη

Αν το ψάρι βρωμά απ’ το κεφάλι, τότε το νέο περιβαλλοντικό νομοθέτημα της κυβέρνησης της ΝΔ δεν είναι παρά η ραχοκοκαλιά. Ιστορίες για τις… οικολογικές ευαισθησίες της Blackrock, την Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή και την αειφόρο ανάπτυξη. 1,187 more words


We're All Interned Japanese-Americans Now

“Sidney Korshak was the godfather. There’s no question, he ordered people hit.” — Seymour Hersh

FDR’s Jewish handlers convinced FDR to round up all the Japanese in California and send them to concentration camps.

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The 1905 All-Ireland Final: How a mole in the camp cost Cork a Championship

At the start of the twentieth century, the Gaelic Athletic Association seemed trapped in a quagmire of perennial upheaval. As the fledgling organisation attempted to find its feet in a country bound by political and economic flux, organisational failings exacerbated its dysfunction. 1,717 more words

Real Sport

“Did you see that video on Facebook Donal? Complete tool”.

“I mean what the hell Donal, is your sport all gobshites like that?”

“It doesn’t matter you don’t use Facebook. 1,145 more words

Open Water Swimming