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Fight Terrorism Or Control Resources: What’s the Real Reason for U.S.’s Increased Presence In Africa?

Although the Trump administration has not expressed much of an interest in Africa, the U.S. has an increased presence in the continent. As China has ramped… 1,225 more words


Girl you should leave him: NOT!

My daddy used to always tell me when I was a younger that my problem is that I don’t listen…LOL… but he was wrong. I listen. 1,033 more words

US: Congress Should Reject 'Back the Blue Act'

Would Shield Police From Accountability, Not Protect Them


Police in riot gear block a roadway to stop demonstrators from entering a neighborhood as they protest the police shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., September 25, 2016. 376 more words


New Moon Observation 5/24/2017 at even

Tonight begins the start of the New Moon for this month – 5/24/2017

New Moon Observation link

As shown below at the complete new moon phase of the moon, there is nothing to see.   37 more words

Mychal Massie: Are Blacks That Eager to be Victims?

The truth from the lips of Mychal Massie. I appreciate him posing this question and it’s time that others do the same. – Bude Lepsi

Bude Lepsi Blog

Who Will Check the Police If the Justice Department Doesn't?

The attorney general doesn’t plan on using his oversight authority to monitor and intervene in local departments. California provides examples of how states can compensate for that absence. 1,155 more words