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Hillary Wins Georgia If the Grassroots Are Real…Fingers Crossed

In Georgia, the Democrats don’t seem to care about Democrats outside the cities…Atlanta, Augusta, Albany, Macon, Columbus and Savannah.  No candidate can win Georgia statewide without cultivating some rural areas—keep it close in the country and go over the top in the cities. 361 more words


The Black-White Gap is Consistent across income groups

The black-white wordsum gap is consistently around 1pt~0.5SD for all income groups. This contradicts the usual explanation that the gap is caused by poverty.

However, the total gap is around 1.35pt~0.68SD, which means poverty may have some (comparatively small) explanatory effect. 17 more words


Mr. Trump is leading the GOP out of the wilderness of bigotry

Donald Trump says the party of Lincoln must improve its efforts to bring black voters back to the fold and that he wants an inclusive GOP. 203 more words

National News

How blacks live

Chicago Tribune, quoting police Superintendent Eddie Johnson after 52 shootings last weekend:

“These guys are doing this two, three, four, five times. They’re clearly telling us they don’t want to play by our rules.”

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Skin Color vs Wordsum

In general, darker brown corresponds to lower wordsum scores. However, the sample sizes are pitifully small. Averages and samples sizes are: 9 more words