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Only controversial because it gets closer to the truth: "Controversial group" ADOS looks at different groups within the black community in America

ADOS differentiates between blacks affected directly by slavery,  those born multiple generations after, and African-born blacks that prosper more, financially, in America.

It is dangerous for Political Establishment Western Jewry to have its… 25 more words

Update: Democrats vote out pledge and refuse to stand for flag

Chairperson Louella P. Thompson, Patsy Sheppard, and Deborah Belle voted against the Pledge of Allegiance being added to the agenda. Board members Michael Aycock and Emory White, both Veterans of the United States military voted for the pledge to be added to the agenda. 75 more words

What Have We Learned Since Ferguson?

St. Louis Police SWAT team responds to the protests in Ferguson.

The shooting in Ferguson in August, 2014, when a young black man was killed by a white police officer and the violent aftermath it caused, should have been a defining moment in our nation’s history. 733 more words

HUD to roll back Obama-era housing desegregation rule

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a proposed rule this week that would loosen fair-housing regulations for local governments.

The proposal would affect a 2015 rule implemented by the Obama administration as part of an effort to end racial segregation in government housing. 153 more words