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Hidden History: Beale Street

(NEXSTAR MEDIA) — Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee is one of the most famous entertainment streets in America. Bringing Memphis’ blues and world famous barbecue to the masses! 348 more words


April's Thought of the Day: You Can't Take My Culture And Discard Me

I was watching the news and saw a Muslim woman of Middle Eastern descent protesting. She gave hand gestures and said, “I’m unapologetically Muslim all day every day.” I don’t know that woman or anything about her but watching her sparked a larger thought. 72 more words


Tribal Warfare in Black Neighborhoods of Chicago

Chicago is in the grips of a deadly black gang war.

At least 275 people have been killed in the city so far this year and many more have been shot, many of them innocent bystanders to the gang violence. 208 more words

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Rachel Whitfield, Free Woman

Black women have received little attention for the critical role they have played in maintaining their families and contributing to their communities. After running across a brief reference to Rachel Whitfield (1814-1908) a “former slave who made it on her own as head of a household, subsistence farmer,” I began searching for more. 594 more words

True Black History....

True Black History can be found very easily between the pages of the Holy Bible…

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/chronicles-of-ncci 9 more words

Here's One Thing That Would've Made Trump's Presser Worse

So, this happened…

April Ryan asks Trump if he's gonna meet w/ Congressional Black Caucus

Trump: “Do you wanna set up the meeting? Are they friends of yours?” …

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