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Playing with fire

Blacksmithing is one of those skills that just gets you a huge amount of man points and it is something that I wanted to try. 607 more words


A Cheap Guide To Beginner Blacksmithing

Hello hello!

We’ve been away from the blog for a while, but that’s not to say we haven’t been up to some new things. Chief among them, Andrew has started learning to blacksmith. 696 more words

Backyard Blacksmithing

Baking/cooking and not spending $

This weekend is a continuation of below freezing weather. I’m really missing those warm summer days and growing my own food! However, I have been enjoying making soup with the tomatoes that I preserved and eating my own pickles, catsup, garlic and green beans! 214 more words

Let’s show you the camper!

Two goals for the year all depend on us fixing up an old truck bed camper. We chose this camper because we don’t have to pay to have tags on it, we got a great deal on it, the three of us can fit nicely in it and it really doesn’t need a ton of work! 413 more words

Visiting the Seed-Saving Farm

I talked about my challenges in finding the Seed-Saving farm in my last post and said I would tell you more about my visit there in a separate post. 1,142 more words


Project Design

Vinland “survival” shield. I will one day create a step by step writing with photos showing the creation of such a shield. Inspired by the two shipwrecked vikings found in Vinland by Leif Erikson. 183 more words

Pay Day at Last

Today was a big day for Jasper. I received news this morning that his Harvest Festival check was finally ready. Of course, I had to go grocery shopping this morning, but after lunch I took Jasper over to the extension office and he got his check. 217 more words