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YouTube Series Review: Man at Arms

Man at Arms and Man at Arms Reforged are a series of videos about blacksmithing on the YouTube channel AWE me but what makes this series of videos interesting is that they make pop culture weapons and armor (Eg. 434 more words

Product Design

Groundhog Day 1955

I was going to turn five in August. I enjoyed being with myself most of the time but that was difficult because I was discriminated against for being four. 270 more words

Change is Constant

As the moments become days and pass into memory, I feel we continually add invisible pieces to our selves. It has been so with me. And yet sometimes we also have very visible proof of our progress through time. 488 more words


From The Beginning

So, here it is, my first blog post.

It’s all a little overwhelming really. I have spent the last week or so neglecting my poor forge setting up all sorts of social media links and even began building my very own website. 92 more words


FJ's Got a New Hammer

Putting the handle on his hammer today means that he can start to use, “his Hammer!” He did a fine job of making the tools to make it and making it. 74 more words

Christmas... the final chapter... gifts...

Not only did my older daughter get me blacksmithing lessons for Christmas… but she had a friend of hers do this awesome picture of me… as a blacksmith… reforging the sword that was broken from The Lord Of The Rings… HA!!! 135 more words


I promised you a fashion show...

And have I ever let you down??? There I am, at my mom’s house in the Bay Area, on Christmas morning… wearing my new Japanese kimono! 264 more words