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The "Joys" of Pattern-Welded Steel

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I took a class in what is known as “Pattern Welded Steel.” If the term doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, you might know it under it’s more popular term: Damascus. 2,479 more words

Op Ed

The Adventure Begins!

I left Colorado almost two weeks ago now, but the time has been packed so full it could very well have been a month. It has been even better than I expected, with a complete richness of company, setting, ideas and learning. 437 more words


Suspended Animation: Hanging Heritage

We don’t often categorise heritage by how it is displayed. If we did, and we thought about ‘hanging heritage’, we might think of curtains, paintings and armour within a stately home or castle. 507 more words

Places And Landscapes

Blacksmithing Course at Cold Hanworth Forge

During the three days before my birthday, I had the somewhat unusual present of a short course in blacksmithing at Cold Hanworth Forge, just north of Lincoln. 474 more words


In the Heat of the Moment.


There’s just something comforting about the heat of the forge, the sound of metal on metal and the hissing of steam.  Funny, I just realized that my two favorite crafting skills have some sort of heat involved.   249 more words


Bad Food Review.

I’m beginning to question my abilities as a chef-in-training.  My whole day came to a depressing halt.  I had barely gotten myself dressed and caffeinated as I headed out the door when a messenger nearly ran me over in his haste to tell me that I was on probation with my provisioning writs.   267 more words