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Abraham working in the smithy to help make farming hoes. Locally, smithing employes over 100 people. #blacksmithing #permaculture


Forging the Confection Cleaver: The Finishing Touches on "Cakerist"

Last week, I went into excruciating details about the handle process. This week, I will admit, is mostly just showing off.

After waiting for the handle’s adhesive the cure, the process for finishing was pretty simple: touch-ups with sanding, adding a few coats of polyurethane on the handle, an oil coat for the blade, and shipping it out. 1,604 more words

Summer Days

Usually my blog posts have been inspired by a remarkable event or new work from the forge. However, the last month or so has been one inspiring experience after the next, and I haven’t taken the time to step away from it all and write about it. 440 more words


I think I have figured out why I suck at blacksmithing...

Okay, I skipped ahead a little in the order of these pictures I took, because red-hot metal makes a better hook for drawing in people to the blog than this picture… 634 more words


Yet another bad day at the forge...

Despite the fact that blacksmithing is not coming easily to me, I still show up to the classes with some enthusiasm… and a little hope… 137 more words


Nashua Tool Show April 2016

Time for my semi-annual post about the Nashua ‘Live Free or Die’ Tool Show and Auction. Wait, didn’t that happen back in April? Yep. I’m really behind on my blogging as I have been busy working, writing, teaching and helping with our second baby. 952 more words

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