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Shameless Advertising Alert (but not 100% about me for once)

Hello all,

This is a short post to share something that is not about music  from some talented fellow humans.

I was recently asked to provide a theme song for them and I think what they are doing is kind of cool, so I am sharing this in hopes that they can get some more listeners and be able to keep doing this. 105 more words

The Test Drive

This past week I had begun my first live project. I call this my Contracting Test Drive. It was my first look into legacy code. Legacy Code is defined as: “code that relates to a no longer support or manufactured operating system or other computer technology”. 394 more words


Armor Me

Armor Me
by Dionne Charlet

Mold me a helm of platinum.
Plate my neck in ornate roses
and arc both breasts in tongues of steele. 100 more words


A Delicate Operation

Over the course of Jubilee, our Labor Day event, the bellows in the blacksmith’s shop broke. Our blacksmith was pretty sure he knew what the problem was, but it wasn’t until just recently that we had the time and manpower to move the bellows and perform the required surgery. 445 more words

Who was I before I became a passionate developer?

After High School
I was not sure what exactly I wanted to do with myself yet. I decided to follow in the footsteps of my family and pursue both Nursing and Business Administration. 580 more words

Coding Dojo

Storm Season

Yep it’s October and that means that it’s time for the storms to start piling in here on Vancouver Island. Right now we’re sort of in the middle between the storms 1 and 2 for the week. 219 more words