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Fire and Ice: Blacksmithing in Sweden

I am about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, a quest for knowledge and adventure. Although I am receding into the backwoods of Sweden, this blog is a way to stay connected and share my experiences with all those who are interested. 115 more words


Making A Sword - Afterthoughts

I’ve done something that many nerds want to do, but never learn the skills to do it. Many people walk into a smithy for a class or demonstration and demand to know how to make a sword, not understanding the techniques, time, and effort involved in doing so. 461 more words


Making A Sword - Day 5

Not quite 24 hours, but the need to hurry was surely running the show! Sadly, there were a number of things slowing us down, namely access to tools. 878 more words


Making A Sword - Day 4

After witnessing my blade survive the normalizing process with little warping (and learning where the thin spots where), I was ready, albeit nervous, to take on the quenching process on Day 4. 926 more words


Making A Sword - Day 3

After somehow pulling off a miracle and almost catching up with the majority of my classmates, I was working with the power tools to begin the cleanup process associated with making a blade. 905 more words


Making A Sword - Day 2

After the challenges of Day 1, I had a lot of work ahead of me. I was already a day in with nothing to show, so I knew I had to work at double time if I wanted to finish. 469 more words


Making A Sword - Day 1

As I stated last week, I’ve spent the past five days working in a smithy with eight other students under the tutelage of Sam Salvati (see Man At Arms: Reforged to see his work, namely the lightsaber katana). 643 more words