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Blackwall: Too bad we’re not here at night. We could come back when it’s dark, use the stars to see exactly where we are.
Sera: Or we could leave, sit in a tavern and figure out where we were while we are somewhere better. 21 more words

Sunday 28th June 1846

“Rose at 5 o’clock and went to the Mechanics’ Bath, Little Queen Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, for first time this season and had a dip. Breakfasted and then went to Bow.

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Ann Fox

Gordon Blackwall

Socionics: SLI
Enneagram: 6w5
Instinctual Stacking: Sp/Sx
Tritype: 683, The Justice Fighter

*Fictional Characters

A Poetic Soul's Attempt at Romantics

Crackling flames beneath a bubbling pot
Shyness, a child in love
Summer sun beating down on the waves
Clouds drifting somberly across endless blue… 123 more words


The suburb of Blackwall is towards the southern part of the Central Coast, on the foreshores of  Brisbane Water. From Rip Street, Blackwall, directly in front is St. 50 more words