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Grieving is as natural and as common as loving someone with every cell in your body. May my  journey ignite healing in those who also suffer from the loss of a cancer warrior. 70 more words

Well That Wasn't What I Wanted to Hear

The longer I live, the more convinced I am that no one is immune from the effects of cancer. It seems like yesterday when my bride and I were brainstorming what caused her mother, father and sister to all have cancer diagnoses while she was spared. 505 more words


New therapies offer hope to cancer patients;Immunotherapy, targeted molecular treatments are cutting edge

New therapies offer hope to cancer patients. Immunotherapy, targeted molecular treatments are cutting edge. Sacramento Bee June 20th UC Davis cancer center is trying new approaches based on genetic mutations. 1,886 more words


E2F4 biomarker can be predictive of progression of bladder cancer and positive signatures from patients benefit significantly in BCG therapy while negative signatures do not show significant differences

Norris Cotton Cancer Center Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center says that investigators harnessed genomic data to discover that the previously identified E2F4 signature in breast cancer can be utilized to predict prognosis and response to therapy in bladder cancer.  169 more words


Invasive? Whaddya Mean Invasive?

All told, I was happy with the results of the latest cancer test. No tumors, no area needing special attention. As always, I worried beforehand. There have been a couple of dozen cystoscopies in three years; only two have ever come back clean, and even after that, the cancer, that nasty, unwanted guest, managed to return. 504 more words

Dogs absorb lawn chemicals

Dogs are ingesting, inhaling and otherwise being exposed to garden and lawn chemicals that have been associated with bladder cancer, according to a new study. 657 more words


It's called "driven demented" because that's how your loved one's dementia makes you feel....

My Dad was diagnosed with vascular dementia in July 2014. He also has inoperable bladder cancer, so he went undiagnosed for a long time because older people with urology problems who dont drink enough display similar symptoms to dementia if they get dehydrated. 936 more words