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Daily Prompt:  Treasure

I have to say that WP’s a treasure

Writing here is such a pleasure

I’ve learned the rules, taken advice

I guess I’ll write and not think twice… 52 more words

Bladder Cancer

Daily Picture Prompt - 4

It was their last meeting

He kissed her forehead lightly

Her tears fell on his chest

Their love was too early

The feelings fleeting

Too young to be lasting… 9 more words

Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer Pisses Me Off or Attitude Matters

Saw this on a Twitter site a few years ago. I thought it was hilarious. A great attitude, as this person was running a marathon. That’s the whole point of life in general. 284 more words

Bladder Cancer

Discover Challenges:  Tough Questions

I have had the company of my grandchildren a lot lately, and for that I’m grateful. The thirteen year old is stretching his boundaries a little much so I have his company more than usual. 276 more words

Bladder Cancer

Daily Prompt:  Protest

I don’t think I’m much of a protester, but when I was a sixth grade teacher’s aide, the room we worked in was freezing cold. A small portable heater didn’t help. 354 more words

Bladder Cancer

And now for something completely different

I know the Montana traffic accident video was surprising. Since I have family who respond to these accidents, I thought it was an important one. But for this post, I would like you to marvel and laugh at the wonder of children. 41 more words

Bladder Cancer

Terrifying Actual Footage From Montana Highway Patrol During Winter Crash

With snow falling and freezing roads where I live I think it’s an important reminder to all who drive to see this video. It is hard to watch. 18 more words

Bladder Cancer