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Please Excuse Me Whilst I Mourn

I spend a lot of my time thinking about the good old days. When I could eat and drink what I wanted and having a hangover was as bad as it got. 1,059 more words


Hold Your Water. Period.

I made this comic hoping to gain the “19 year old numbskull” demographic who have absolutely no idea about women’s anatomy…..except those 19 year old numbskulls who have blowup girlfriends. FT :-D

5 Rules for a Happy Bladder

If you have experienced urinary urgency and frequency for awhile it can be easy to forget what “normal” bladder function used to be. Here are 5 rules to regain control of your bladder for a happier you, and a happier bladder: 475 more words

Women's Health


It has been almost a couple of months since I wrote my last post. There had been a few times when I wanted to write a post but I talked myself out of it. 906 more words


Day 199 (Australia - Kununurra)

Approximately every six months I would like to go through all of my gear and wash it thoroughly. I did a lot of washing today. I emptied my pannier bags and washed them. 95 more words


The IC Diet

I have always hated diets. I hate the mindset that they give you. You look at food as being good and bad when in fact, no food is bad for you in moderation. 1,329 more words


Chapter 19: Journey to the Center of the Universe

Cadmus woke up twice during his first sleeping period. Lonesome raised an eyebrow but otherwise continued snoring away. He sat up in his hammock, swung his legs over the side, and slipped down onto the floor careful not to step on his sleeping dagu. 407 more words