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Well, that's embarrassing

I know this title is confusing, but what can I say… it can relate to a lot.

We all know that MS can cause some not so pleasant  902 more words


Open letter to my bladder

Dear Bladder,

I remember you from the time I started having memories. You are one of the most underrated organs in all of human history. No one talks about you. 132 more words

Open Letters

Natural Antibiotic Which Destroys All bladder, Kidney and Urinary Tract Infections After the First Treatment

Every year, every fifth woman gets inflammation of the bladder, and the infection is caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli. 295 more words


Human urine has factors that prevent UPEC in UTIs from attaching to bladder cells

American Society for Microbiology says that human urine contains factors that prevent a common culprit in urinary tract infections (UTIs), uropathogenic Escherichia coli bacteria, from properly attaching to bladder cells, a necessary step for infection. 243 more words


Four Things I Wish I Had Known Before Birth Control Failed Me

  1. How annoying cats are when you’re pregnant

My husband and I have two young cats, one male and one female. Rutabaga is his favorite and Liam is mine. 624 more words


I Have A Drinking Problem

I have a drinking problem. And it’s Diet Coke. And ice water. At the same time. I need both. Now.

It probably started in math grad school where I would spend hours in my office reading esoteric math books and trying to stay awake. 217 more words

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