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Relationships vs Singledom

Hands up who has a chronic illness and has spent more hours than they care to admit worrying about their partner or being able to find one? 513 more words


Bladder Blather

Coming to full consciousness, as I’m lying in bed, I think “Why am I awake now?       I don’t have to go potty.”         Suddenly my bladder speaks up.     299 more words

Real Life

Leaky Bladder?

Leaky Bladder?

If you have a leaky bladder, chances are you think it is a normal part of aging and you should just live with it. 240 more words

Health And Wellness

Prostate cancer in men with advanced bladder cancer

A new article in the journal Urologic Oncology has highlighted an association between the occurrence of advanced bladder cancer and the related finding of prostate cancer among such patients who have their prostate removed along with their bladder at the time of initial surgery  for the bladder cancer (i.e., a radical cystoprostatectomy). 749 more words


Pit stops required.

Today I will be broaching the rather glamorous issue of bladders. Sexy huh?! Who knew that even at 19 weeks you’d be planning your shopping trips around how far away each pit stop is. 546 more words

Here's to 2017!

I’m not a believer in all this “New Year, New Me” crap. When the clock strikes midnight, things aren’t going to magically change. Life isn’t a Cinderella story and I’ve never morphed into the clean eating, fitness addict I always promised myself. 459 more words


Scoliosis Warrior - What's in my Handbag? 

I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while, as people are always asking me what I carry in my handbag, due to it being so full all the time! 252 more words