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What is 'normal' bladder function?!

In the last post, I promised we’d talk more about bladder health – well, this blog is called The Ladies Room after all! Here we go! 615 more words

Women Living Well


Lemons, aka Citrus limon, have been used for generations for their therapeutic properties.  Not only are lemons rich in vitamin C, giving them the capability to boost a consumer’s immune system, but they also obtain a wide range of therapeutic properties.  108 more words


Bladder Health - what's normal, what's not?

So, I will be taking on a bit of blogging challenge over the coming weeks to come on here regularly about the topics in women’s health that I get the most questions about. 47 more words

Women Living Well

Day 10: A post from the past

I’m struggling with the amount of information that I want to give in a short 31 days, so I stole one of my posts from several years ago. 333 more words

The brutal brilliance of bladder Botox

I’m away on holiday for a couple of weeks soon and this means taking two boxes of urinary catheters plus an extra box just to cover all eventualities. 1,143 more words

It's been a while..

I knew I hadn’t updated this blog for ages but I didn’t realise the last time I had anything to say was September 2015.

I’ve been busy caring for an elderly relative (now in residential care) and editing a poetry journal (now resigned), so I’ve either been exhausted or lacking the will and free time to exert myself with anything less pressing unfortunately. 311 more words