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Day 15: Coffee and confusion

I would die for a coffee right now. Not just any coffee. A Red Rabbit extra hot flat white, please.

Quite a few years ago, the brown, liquid heaven became a passion. 409 more words

New Zealand

Oh, for F*ck's Sake: Bladder Infection or UTI

Have you found yourself camped out on the toilet for hours with maddening urges to pee? Perhaps you are there now. Bless your weary heart. 630 more words


Can Gall Bladder Stone Be Removed ?


Gallstones may not be everyone’s concern but may lead to cancer. We all have them (big or small, many or few). 284 more words

Social Issues

Cleavers tincture

Today I made a tincture with cleavers (Galium aparine), as they don’t dry very well. I may also try making a succus (mix with glycerin or honey) tomorrow to keep the goodness of cleavers throughout the year.  99 more words


Tycho Brahe REALLY Needed To Go...

Tycho Brahe was a European astronomer in the 16th century, and the last of the major astronomers to use the naked eye; after Brahe the telescope revolutionised the way astronomers worked. 490 more words



After months of post surgery recovery I can say for the first time in 5 years that it does not hurt to pee. I repeat there is no stinging sensation in my loins. 8 more words

Dear Bladder

Dear Bladder,

We have been together for a long time; through good and bad; through thick and thin. You have tolerated me not always listening to your warning calls and I have tolerated your unwillingness to bend and stretch as much as I needed you to. 490 more words