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Understanding the fears

When you are first told ‘you have cancer’ the one overarching word that comes to mind is ‘death’.  It’s like being told you have a death sentence and in all likelihood you will die much sooner than anyone would have expected. 892 more words



I learned urgency where I think a lot of us did: in first grade.  I did not learn it in Kindergarten, because everything was measured and it was less than a half day and if you you were half way clever, no one even suspected that you ever went to the bathroom or restroom.   512 more words

Urine pH (尿酸鹼度) - You need to know >6.5

pH – an expression of acidity or alkalinity. It is referred to frequently in the study of urine.

In a basic urine test – which is commonly performed in a veterinary clinic, the urine pH can help us figure out several issues including: 232 more words


Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

The problem of Urinary Tract infection which is also known as (Aka) UTI is so common than you’ll even imagine. Urinary tract infection simply is the infection of that part of the body responsible for urination, that is a layman common sense simple explanation. 614 more words

Urine infections in MS - an integrated approach to prevention & treatment.

I always discuss the need to stay one step ahead of the bladder in MS with my patients, as having a urinary tract infection (UTI) can mimic a relapse and cause real setbacks. 1,116 more words


Experiences from hell - male urinary catheters

Penises have a number of uses. One of them is to pipe urine from the bladder out of the body through a tube called the urethra. 573 more words

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