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Calling In Sick

I really, really didn’t want to miss any zine reviews. At all. It was my goal to make every single Thursday and Friday no matter what. 106 more words


Life Jacket

For reasons beyond me, like a naughty child, it seems my womb reached under the seat in front and put on its emergency life jacket when no one was looking. 109 more words


The Results Recount

The results of the biopsy were inconclusive. Of the 12 samples taken, two had a shade of prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia and one had a touch of atypical small acinar proliferation.. 1,438 more words


Hey, how's it going?

Hello, my name’s Hayley, I’m 28 and I’m from Kent! *insert cheesy gameshow cheer here*

For the last year you could say I’ve been ‘off-grid.’  You see, I’ve been suffering from ill-health.   84 more words


Accepting Change

The dragonfly depicted on my front page is a traditional symbol of change. That’s one of the reasons I chose it, and because it is beautiful. 699 more words


Oh, THAT kind of bag

To begin, I am not an expert, just a patient. I want to share my experiences to help. If you have a urostomy or have bladder cancer, you may be interested in reading this. 1,319 more words