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Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

So the countdown begins.. I found with Josh up to 30 weeks I counted up and then I started to count down..

How far along? 30 weeks… 226 more words


#POCUS Troubleshoot - find the bladder. #ultrasound #meded #foamus #foamed

If you have taught POCUS you have seen trainees struggle to find the bladder and interrogate it properly.  Not a difficulty structure to identify or evaluate, so lets fix that.


Living a 'normal' life with interstitial cystitis (Chronic Bladder Pain)

When I first saw a urologist (2015), it was due to ongoing bladder/kidney ‘infections’. I think in four months before my doctor took some course of action I suffered from symptoms of 3 separate infections. 872 more words

Chronic Pain

Ridin` the range once more - ICU Update

Grace is still in the ICU. The ICU has been an interesting place to be. I’m grateful that this is the first time that Grace has needed this level of care.   229 more words

Sir Eduardo, el retardo, rides Lizardo

I realise that I’m at risk of harping on about bus trips. But the truth is that the hours I’ve spent sitting on public transport in SE Asia have been many, and they account for some of my vivid memories of being away. 1,853 more words


Watering the Horse

“…pain…lots…sometime in the next ten days…without warning…”

The doctor might as well have warned my penis will fall off sometime in the next ten days.  So how does one wait for something that’s possibly more painful—and less productive—than childbirth?   414 more words


The beautiful Princess Olivia

Earlier this year Deb and I had some devastating news that our precious girl Princess Olivia had kidney disease.
After a lot of deliberation, consideration and tears we decided, due to Jaxon suffering separation anxiety, it would be in his best interest if we enlisted the help of an organisation now called Forever Hounds (but at the time before their name change we knew them as ‘GRWE – Greyhound Rescue West England’) an organisation that now rescues all breeds of Sighthounds. 1,302 more words