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2015, February 22 – 263 – bladder

a bladder that’s full (5)
can be a great alarm clock (7)
not very exact (5)


IC Friendly foods. 

I’ve been on a very strict IC diet for over a year now. Steve, my husband, is an amazing cook. We have often talked about how wonderful it would be to run/own a restaurant. 182 more words


Fu-organ: Bladder

The bladder is responsible for storing and excreting urine.

This function is dependent on the Kidney’s ability to contain-Qi.

Under normal physiological conditions, the kidney’s ability to contain-Qi allows for the control and release of urine from the bladder, hence urine is formed and excreted, in normal amounts between 1-2litres, 3-5 times a day, with no hindrance during urination. 95 more words

TCM Basics

The war on pain medicine. 

This is an excerpt of a conversation I was having with a fellow IC warrior. Too many of us still use negative words when speaking of pain medicine. 385 more words

Our daughter can’t talk or walk. She vomits everywhere and can’t hold her bladder. Who knew taking care of drunk friends after frat parties would pay off one day?

On Toilets.

There are many ways in which one might use a bathroom. The toilet, for one, is a classic option for both urination and defecation. Also offered are the shower and sinks, primarily used for hygiene. 822 more words