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What to make of Godard's New Wave sci-fi classic 'Alphaville'

Alphaville is a strange flick. On the one hand, writer/director Jean-Luc Godard plumbs the depths of questions about individuality, spirituality, love and the struggle between humanity and technology in a rapidly evolving world. 448 more words


Writing in An Electronic Age

What happens when writing enters the electronic age? We turn to that question, and turn into a critical exploration of the problem (raised by Birkerts and a range of other critical writers/thinkers we will be exploring over the remaining weeks of the term. 645 more words

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I Dreamt Music

An incredible soundtrack by Vangelis that brings me to tears every time. It’s intensely beautiful. Certainly not to be missed.


Blue Lightning Science Fiction Films

I am not into overly-computerised, state-of-the-art special effects. They leave me cold and I tend to lose concentration when a director is trying to ‘wow’ me with an abundance of CGI visuals. 1,515 more words

Do Replicants dream of anything?

“Do androids dream of electric sheep?” is the question Philip K. Dick’s Deckard poses as he mechanically retires humanistic androids, Ridley Scott’s Deckard meanwhile is a ‘Blade Runner, a state funded exterminator tasked with “retiring” escaped “Replicants”. 628 more words

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