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Aspiring to the King of Cups: Or, I Am Not a Replicant

I am not, by nature, a compassionate person. This is not to say that I’m not capable of treating others kindly, because of course I am, but compassion for me is a learned behavior. 1,311 more words


Dear number six: Stay on the path

While in Hong Kong, I was reminded of one of my favorite shows ever. That being BattleStar Galactica (the new one).  So well written, acted and just overall grand intensity. 730 more words



先日、某団体の勉強会に出席してAI/IoT/Big Dataの講義を聞いてきた。


最近のアメリカのエンタメ界ではAIのテーマが花盛り。「Westworld」のリメイクはその一つの頂点だが、今年の後半にはこの分野の草分け的「Blade Runner」の続編が公開される。スカジョが少佐を演じる「攻殻機動隊」の実写版もこの流行りにのったものという一面があるとおもう。






Tears in the rain.

We have reached the point in history where the iconic movie Blade Runner was set. In case you happen to have been living under a rock all your life Blade Runner a movie masterpiece created by the holy trinity of director Ridley Scott, science fiction writer Philip K Dick and artist Jean Giraud (aka Moebius). 1,137 more words


5. The Role of the Amateur/Individual – New Challenges in Screen Media

The time of the passive consumer has now passed as the Internet and communities online have become ever so present in our lives. What was once media that one was to use the sense of sight, such as television, newspapers and magazines, nowadays the consumer actively engages with the media produced and as a result the individual can become the producer and the amateur. 564 more words

Opinion Piece

That time I interviewed character actor Brion James, the guy you love to hate

By Steve Newton

Back in 1991 I covered the Vancouver filming of a B-movie called Silhouette for Fangoria, and the best thing about that, by far, was that I got to interview character actor Brion James. 101 more words