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Vangelis : A musical tribute to Blade runner : Voight-kampff test mix

The mother of artificial intelligence, a sci-fi classic and maybe the best Soundtrack ever ? I re-mixed the music of blade runner with movie quotes that I selected and reworked and the result is Voight-Kampff mix… 150 more words


This Week In Film: Week 3

This week in film we talked Goosebumps, The Revenant, Blade Runner, Groundhog Day, Turbo Kid, and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.

Spoiler Alerts for Revenant and Blade Runner! 14 more words


Michel Chion and Eyes Wide Shut

Film and film criticism have been a huge part of my life, I’ve been watching films intensely since I was five years old, starting with Robin Hood swashbucklers. 906 more words

Film Writing

One More Night in the Stars

I want to live in the world that this song creates. I imagine the neo-noir sci-fi future of Blade Runner when I listen to it. Unfortunately, no such world exists, so the next best thing is to have this track on repeat.

The 5 Most Iconic Images in Harrison Ford's 5 Greatest Movies

In 5 Frames features the best in cinema, showcasing five iconic images of an actor, actress, or director in their most acclaimed and famous films. These are the scenes that captured our imaginations and have endured as timeless. 13 more words

Z: The Films

Witnessing Darkness in Ridley Scott's Fantasies

There is something strangely consistent about Ridley Scott, and I’m not talking about any of his famous visual trademarks.

Recently spinning the now five-year-old Ultimate Edition blu-ray of… 1,228 more words