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Open Source Design for High Board Count Chassis for BeagleBone SBCs

Earlier this morning I was wondering if there is a way to package a large number of BeagleBone Black single-board computers in a single deskside chassis. 121 more words

Blade server/pc and Rack server Differences

Blade PC/Server: Series of servers added to a chasis and inserted it in a rack in datacenter.

Here in the front view, the green rectangles are single servers. 262 more words

XenServer 6

Resetting iDRACs (Dell M1000e)

In some cases  we need to reset the iDRAC to fix the issue and CMC ( Chassis Management Controller ) allows to reset the iDRAC without re-booting the OS. 63 more words

Blade Server

Reset the HP Blade in the Enclosure

When physical access to the server is unavailable and blade is not responding properly from the enclosure, try to do the  basic troubleshooting like reboot and if it is failed to fix the issue then it require blade to be removed and reinserted, use this command to reset the blade . 48 more words

Hp C7000 Enclosure

How to restart the linux server from HP iLO??

In this topic, we are going to see the different ways of rebooting linux servers through ilo.

Login in to HP iLO using Administrator login and click Power Management. 179 more words

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Cisco UCS Configuration Guide for vSphere – Part 7 – Firmware Upgrade

This post describes the procedure for the end-to-end upgrade of the firmware for a Cisco UCS Blade System.  At the time of writing, the UCS is delivered from the factory with version 2.2(1b) and the latest stable release is 2.2(1d). 1,386 more words


The Decline of the Blade Server

Good Post by Howard Marks (thank you)

For the past 10 years or so, blade servers have been the fastest-growing portion of the server market. However, as cloud service providers—and the corporate data centers that, every year, look more like the data centers of cloud providers—operate, it seems to me that the blade server’s best days may be behind them. 59 more words