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Blade Runner 2049 Review

The original Blade Runner released in 1982 starring Harrison Ford has since its release become an acclaimed cult film, regarded by many critics as one of the all-time best science-fiction movies. 239 more words

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Electric beats for Electric Sheep

A playlist of pop-songs for our dystopian future selves.



Pris getting ready to duke it out with Deckard.



6 Degrees: Friday Flix

Hello Film Fans! Some recommended reviews for the week include reviews from the Ebert.com site: Marshall; the film bio that is ostensibly about… 442 more words

Blade Runner 2049 Is No More Sexist Than Feminism Has Asked It To Be

The world of Blade Runner asks a lot of its audience.  At once futuristic, abstract, and startlingly familiar, the newest installment injects audiences into a dream-like expressionistic landscape populated by replicants, holograms, AI, dazzling architecture, and the occasion human being.  2,834 more words