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How does the fear of the people in the early 80's relate to the opening scene of Blade Runner

Blade Runner (1982, Ridley Scott) uses the fears of the early 1980s to increase the tension during the opening sequence. In the early 1980’s the general public had many fears, among those were Global Warming, Communism, Neo-Liberalism and Technology. 485 more words


On Androids

Many classic works of science fiction pose the philosophical question ‘what does it mean to be human?’. When the technology we build becomes as intelligent and physically similar to us, it is hard to describe what a human being is. 916 more words


Bladerunner 2049 part - 2

Now here comes the part two!

In the last post, I mentioned that Japanese themes are everywhere in this film. Indeed, just see what Sony did, a huge-scale holographic advertisement on the building. 783 more words


Just watched 2049 a few nights ago. I have some regrets.

I loved Arrival SO much. I enjoy Denis Villeneuve very much in general. I had seen the original Bladerunner when I was in my teens and loved it. 388 more words


First 10 Minutes of Blade Runner

The title crawl gives exposition to the audience, this has been done to introduce the audience to the world of the film in a clear and understandable way instead of explaining it through the scenes and hoping that they fully understand. 191 more words


Oscars 2018 - The Results

The Shape of Water, the fantasy romance by director Guillermo del Toro has swept up the most awards at this years Oscars, including best picture and best director which makes him the third Mexican to win in the best director category in the past five years after Alfonso Cuarón for… 1,040 more words


To what extent is ‘Blade Runner’ a typical ‘New Hollywood’ film?

In my opinion Blade Runner: The Directors Cut is a typical New Hollywood film. It was produced by Micheal Deely, written by Hampton Fancher and David Peoples and directed by Ridley Scott. 845 more words