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Science and the Silver Screen

Science and cinema have something of a complicated relationship.

Despite being just over a century old, cinema has expanded to become a cornerstone of modern culture. 944 more words


Newest Trend: Digital Human Interaction

Technology has commonly been perceived as a negative impact on society’s lifestyle by changing and disturbing the traditional practices of human interaction. “The internet has been blamed for disconnecting people from local, family interaction, drawing them into online relationships with people of unknown and unconfirmed identity.” (Haythornthwaite 2011) Thus, the use of internet connectivity has caused the disconnection of face to face human interaction. 926 more words


Cover for Perihelion Science Fiction Magazine

Just bagged the October cover for Perihelion Science Fiction Magazine.

This really is a cool online magazine, with a long history. I implore you (in the absence of mind control techniques) to pay it a visit.

Ed x

Dreaming (or not) of Electric Sheep.

While pottering about with a chapbook I’m writing at the moment, I’ve been watching a YouTuber play through SOMA. Well, the Handsome Sidekick has been watching it and I’ve been kind of looking up now and then to see what’s going on. 965 more words

Riya 'Sublimation' - Outstanding LP

If you need a beautifully crafted LP in your speakers that crosses the full spectrum of Drum & Bass with an amazing amount of collaborations then look no further: 18 more words

Drum & Bass