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Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Has Dropped and Oh Boy! 

A few minutes ago, the newest and most footage heavy trailer for the sequel to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049, was released and wow is all I have to say. 297 more words

Postmodernism in Film

Films often use aspects of postmodernism; whether they use postmodern film technique (editing, whip pans, camera zooms, nontraditional transitions etc.) or if they reference classic postmodern ideas. 2,162 more words


personality or biology?

Do I like the taste of minerality in red wine because it’s a preference, or could it be my biology (anemia, lack of minerals) that enjoys this taste. 357 more words


Twin Peaks “The Man Behind Glass” Episode 11

I’ve read posts you people wouldn’t believe! Sorry, I was going to jump right in with this review/recap of episode 11 but I’ve just discovered something that has seriously pissed me off. 2,348 more words

Islamic State claim to have written ‘Pet Sounds’

Not content with taking the acclaim for every random atrocity, IS have made the bold assertion that they also wrote the Maltese Falcon, founded Cubism and directed Citizen Kane.  158 more words

Flib News

An opinion on the most anticipated movies of 2017

So far so good, 2017.

I went out and saw Get Out (Dir. Jordan Peele) a few weeks ago and was utterly surprised. Surely the critics were raving about it and so were some of my friends, but for some reason, I wasn’t expecting something… 978 more words


IMR Episode 19: Science Fiction Double Feature


Chris and Sara get down into the core of Sci-fi as a genre. Hopes and dreams, fears and predictions, and sometimes just window dressing, they’ll take it all!

Chris Sterling