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fear and courage

I’m getting there…



There is always a philosophy for lack of courage.” ~ Albert Camus

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Judging is easier than falling.


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Though pride and ego might have something to do, the real force is anxiety, lack of self-esteem.


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They say, “Be you and do you,” but never teach you how or where to find the manual.

社会人なのだからと会社でやや強制的に勧められた筆記講座を取ったのに、結局私なりの筆記で書いている。 6 more words

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cyber hugs

Fear is fierce and pushes you, just like hopes and dreams
are and do.

This blog is a product of my raw emotions – abandonment, 36 more words

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light and shadow

It lay on the ground in the shade
behind a rock. Its feathers quivering in the crisp breeze, feet stiff and
apart, and eyes void. On our morning walk, my dog took me to it. 512 more words

Blah Blah Blah -- 独り言