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happy is as happy does

She was pretty and smart, kind, soft-spoken and always smiling. Everyone liked her.
After she killed herself, jumping off the building near her house, we, her classmates from high school, gathered at the entrance to the building. 325 more words

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I saw a butterfly.

I saw him twice.

He came back to make sure that I was indeed





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up, up and up

I am, currently, relaxed about having no direction.

“Is this it?” evolved to “This isn’t it!” then, eventually grew into “Oh, well.”

We are expected to aim high, thrive. 30 more words

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new year's resolutions

This year’s going to be different.

… hope, faith, certainty …

I’m going to change.

… aspiration, desperation, inspiration …

All the good things are going to happen. 17 more words

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2017 in review

I am not a big fan of those “best of” things but am feeling cheerful and festive.
May I present to you my most viewed posts of the year 2017. 232 more words

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pursuit of ever-elusive happiness

I’m glad I was born.
When I was born, people around me were happy to have me. I am fortunate, and it humbles me.

My parents never had lots of money, and we considered getting a cake on our birthday was special. 135 more words

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lesson 1


I was talking to my mom the other night and had to do a double take (at the phone since I couldn’t see her in person) when she mentioned that I wasn’t a good driver. 456 more words

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