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Movies That Made You Leave The Theater

Last week there were news reports that people watching the new film ‘The Walk’ vomited and had to leave.  It leads Nick Digilio and listeners to talk about… 43 more words

Nick Digilio

Why the Found Footage Film Format Needs to Die (Special Thanks to M. Night Shyamalan)

M. Night Shyamalan has moved into the genre of intentional horror following years of making terrifying movies accidentally. But Amy M thinks it’s time to end the obsession with found footage films. 948 more words


The Areas of Whose Expertise?

The Monster Project: Jersey Devil
October 26, 2013

NatGeo WILD’s take on our favorite cryptid first aired on October 26, 2013, a mere five days before the publication of my splendid book (the book Amazon says “contains real page numbers”) and so I was unable to include it in my material on the epidemic of nonsense documentaries about the Jersey Devil that have been produced in the years since the movie… 1,084 more words

"It's just a film" - the effectiveness of The Blair Witch Project

I am a huge fan of ‘found footage’ films. I believe that this is a genre that has almost limitless potential with regard to giving each subgenre of creature or conspiracy films their own flagship work. 809 more words


Ingenuity, inventiveness, and imagination - how to make a good found footage film

In the last few years, ‘found footage’ films have swept through the horror genre like a plague. Where once films like Cloverfield and Rec were rare gems that were cherished by their fans, works of this ilk are now a dime a dozen and, as quantity has risen, quality has plummeted. 1,195 more words


EW Community Throwback Thursday: 'The Blair Witch Project'

Release Date: July 30, 1999

I’m not going to dance around it: The Blair Witch Project scared the sh-t out of me.

I’ll admit, I’m already a pretty jumpy human. 309 more words

My Blair Witch Project - Day 1 (gallery)

I don’t know if you remember this or not, but two years ago I edited a couple of photos to look like the Blair Witch Project and it was very successful! 466 more words