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Blair Witch (2016) film review

Did horror fans think the Blair Witch franchise would have returned to the big screen earlier than this? With the infamous original film released in 1999 and the largely disappointing rushed sequel a couple of years later it has been a very long wait for some else linked to that story. 824 more words


BONUS Episode - August Reactpod

Some dudes reacting to some stuff that happened in August! Episode released September 20th, 2016.

Talking WWE Summerslam, Fin Balor, NXT Takeover Brooklyn II, Blair Witch 2016, Stranger Things, Rings, GLOW & more!

The Greatest Thing Ever Shouted at a Movie Screen

Like everyone else who enjoys watching a movie, and not just playing on my phone while a film rolls, I hate it when people talk during a movie. 486 more words


Blair Witch (film) - Review

Some horror movie directors don’t seem to understand that just watching other people lose their shit from fear isn’t necessarilly scary; it can inspire other emotions depending on the context, like amusement, irritation, or even apathy. 549 more words


Wednesday's Weekly Review: Blair Witch (2016)

It is true that many were eagerly awaiting another sequel to the ground-breaking original, The Blair Witch Project (1999). Once finally released 16 years later, did the fans really get what they were hoping for? 1,329 more words


Blair Witch Review

Back in 1999, mainstream audiences were introduced to The Blair Witch Project. Focusing on three teenagers into the woods to find an  It broke a new wave into the creation of the found footage genre and it became an instant phenomenon. 414 more words

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Blair witch review 

Blair witch is the sequel to the 1999 horror movie the Blair witch project, unlike the terrible and cringeworthy follow up movie back in 2000, the book of shadows, this movie promises to bring back the nostalgia of the first movie, which terrified thier audience with thier clever marketing of the movie being ‘real’ found footage and let’s just say the audience lapped it up. 688 more words