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Movie Mash Monday: Unfriended

 It’s been a year since the death of their friend Laura Barns who committed suicide in public after an embarrassing video of her appeared online. Whilst online, five friends learn some hard truths and secrets as a mysterious stranger enters their skype group. 458 more words


Film review: The Blair Witch Project

This film revolutionised horror films with the film being recorded basically in 1st person. This made you feel as if you were in their position and made it all just that little bit more realistic! 227 more words

Movies I Refuse To Ever Watch Again. Ever.

I’ve been thinking recently about some films that I will never ever watch again, for a variety of different reasons. Some because they were truly bad, some because they were so much of a let-down, some because they… 862 more words

Alien Resurrection

The Blair Witch Project

Blair Witch Project; a strange movie consisting of only video footage that was taken by a few college students who venture out into the woods to decipher a strange, old tale told by the older townspeople. 570 more words


Blair Witch Reject

Jeg vet ikke hvordan det skjedde, men plutselig satt jeg opp en natt og så Blair Witch 2. Det er vel straffen for at man ikke vil gå og legge seg. 111 more words


Feature: Life After The Blair Witch

Halloween may be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t take the time to appreciate the movies that make the time of the year extra special. 737 more words