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5min Flashback, The Blair Witch

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AA: "The Blair Witch Project" v. "The WNUF Halloween Special" | The Verisimilitude of Found Footage

Adjacent Analysis: How do these two found footage films succeed and fail in creating the illusion of reality?

What power there is, in the found footage film! 2,377 more words

Adjacent Analysis

The Blair Witch Project


We have arrived.

Finally, I get to talk about why I like found footage movies. Blair Witch is the first big hit of the genre and it really is a textbook example of found footage done right, with the exception of one glaring issue that I’ll get to later. 1,391 more words

An Honest Review of Blair Witch (2016)

**SPOILER ALERT** I have included an in-depth synopsis of this film below, if you have not seen it or do not want to have the entire movie spoiled, please skip passed this section.  1,783 more words

Haunted Places

Blair Witch (2016) ★★★

Director Adam Wingard has had a great run in horror so far (with “You’re Next” and “The Guest”), but his “Blair Witch” entry can’t seem to figure out if it wants to be a remake or a direct sequel to the original, resulting in a repetitive, uninteresting plot that we’ve seen before along with new elements the narrative is too tentative to explore, making the entire film unsatisfying and frustrating despite some effective moments.