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T.H. Review: Blair Witch (2016)

There was once a man, let’s even go so far as to call him a pioneer, named Val Lewton. He realized that moviegoers who look for a good scare will invariably find them if you put less on-screen. 939 more words

Frank Mitchell

steel reflecting into moon dust

night falls far down and

the talking monkey turns to

his nephew and says that

there are three elements

in the world, steel, sun and dirt. 45 more words

31 Days of Horror - Day 18!

On time again! OK that’s the end of my excitement. I hinted that I might watch this earlier in the month. I don’t know why I hate myself so much sometimes, but I guess today was just one of those days. 402 more words

31 Days of Halloween, Day 17: Blair Witch

I was one of those people who bought into The Blair Witch Project hook, line, and sinker.  I totally thought it was real documentary footage.  I watch the mockumentary aired on TV about the Blair Witch.   349 more words

Horror Movies

7-Blair Witch (2016)

Frank Mitchell and Jen Crum board the trailer in the dead of night, in the center of the woods to discuss the highly-anticipated sequel to  34 more words


Blair Witch Movie Review

Blair Witch is the 2016 sequel directed by Adam Wingard  (You’re Next, The Guest) that takes place about 17 years after the original. Heather’s brother, James, finds a video online where he believes he sees his sister. 300 more words

Blair Witch

Found Footage Of The Infamous Blair Witch

Burkittsville, Maryland is a quaint town much like Dade City, Florida: in the middle of nowhere and not something many people know about. However, with the return of the franchise“Blair Witch,” Burkittsville is becoming relevant again. 952 more words

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