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First trailer lands for Netflix's Death Note

After an eight-year stretch of development hell and a rejig of rights from Warner Bros., we can finally start to see the direction Netflix are taking Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s  207 more words


Blair witch (2016)

theroadtomadness.wordpress.com strikes again with another horror film review…

Although the “fake documentary” and camera-on-hand recordings already appeared in 1980 with visionary Ruggero Deodato’s mythical “Cannibal Holocaust”, it was 1999’s “The Blair Witch project” the film which certainly revolutionized the concepts of modern horror film forever. 250 more words

Nyle's Top 3 Worst Films of 2016

I recently posted my Top Ten Films of 2016, if you haven’t already you can check out my list here. I thought 2016 was behind me and I could move on to reviewing newly released titles. 2,864 more words


The Fast and Fentress Worst of 2016

A rather disappointing year for bad movies, 2016 saw plenty of unenjoyable dreck, but precious little in the so-bad-it’s-good category.  The ordering is a bit looser than that of my… 748 more words

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Review in Brief: Blair Witch (2016)

From the off, you get a reference to “footage assembled from DV cards” and it’s clear the world has changed since Adam Wingard took over this series. 159 more words


Blair Witch

Blair Witch (2016)

Genre: Horror, Thriller

I have never seen the original movie so I am not sure how good this sequel is in comparison. However, I thought this was a pretty decent horror flick :) . 253 more words