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Crisis and the Cross of Reality

Chaos Theory describes states in relative equilibrium and states “far from equilibrium” (or “chaotic”). Basically, “far from equilibrium” means crisis or critical, a word which is related to “cross” and “crucial” (and “crucible” and “crucifix”) because a crisis is a crossroads, and traditionally crossroads were sensed as being places of evil or evil-doing, mainly because they are associated with life and death decisions. 1,464 more words

The Loss of Innocence

If one the typical characters of Jane Austen’s novels were to leave for any reason
the pampered life of a good, refined but secluded society made of balls, laces, 666 more words


The Imaginal World

In this complex and bizarre world, getting in touch with a trustworthy inner compass is both increasingly challenging and essential. One way that we can access that compass, our personal… 936 more words


The Guardians of the Four Directions

Carlos Castaneda’s teacher, the Yaqui Indian “sorcerer” he called don Juan Matus, once described to Castaneda what he called “the four natural enemies of the man of knowledge… 1,094 more words


She would be two

Today my Blakey would be 2 years old. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. In all honesty, I still can’t believe we will never celebrate a birthday with her here. 325 more words


Mom, Listen to this!

Riding in the car on the way to the gym this morning. Blake says “Mom, listen to this!” This is a statement I hear quite often. 236 more words