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I wanted to continue with this timely discussion of the myth of the market, not least because of the recent conclusion of the TPP deal, but also because of some rather odd parabolic themes in Aurobindo’s… 1,271 more words


The Myth of the Market

Ed Levin’s comment to my last post on “The Market Principle” has goaded me into expanding on what I mean by “myth of the market”, and the necessity of “deconstructing” that myth, which I am very pleased to do. 1,114 more words


In the Shadow of the Enlightenment, III

To continue from the last two posts….

Postmodernity, generally defined as “incredulity towards all metanarratives” and therefore as “deconstruction”, brings with it a number of consequences for both good and ill. 1,140 more words


3 weeks today I'm running 10 miles for Cancer Research

Hi all, this isn’t author or writing related but I feel that it is extremely important to everyone and anyone reading this right now.

Three weeks today me, my girlfriend April​ & my mum Helen will be running the Great South Run in Portsmouth, which is 10 miles long. 184 more words


Rereading Reconsidered

Is rereading a memory exercise or a refinement of discovery?

Now that I have left academia far behind me, I seldom reread a novel. Often it is because I regret having wasted too much time on it already. 805 more words


The Urge to Kill

Another day. Another massacre. Another day of “Shock and Awe” — of worry, anxiety, and anger for many.

I’m speaking, of course, about the Umpqua College shootings in Oregon, the latest in a seemingly interminable crisis of similar massacres. 650 more words


Philosophies of Heaven and Hell

I was asked to do this for my literature unit “Philosophies of Heaven and Hell”.

A creative writing piece that combines in an original piece of writing ideas from one city represented in Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’ and one painting representing ‘Heaven ‘ or ‘Hell’ (450 words); Paintings selected from google image or can be selected from the illustrations by Blake that accompany his poem ” The Marriage of Heaven or Hell”). 504 more words