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Getting Rad, Getting Rootsy

I had to drive to the city yesterday for my bimonthly medical review of the lab work related to my kidney condition (which I’m pleased to report remains stable). 998 more words


Summer Camp, pt. 5

AN: Many thanks to Pegasus143/MakPlays for writing some of Hahon, Cadence, and Waikiki’s dialogue.

Leave it to Joel to always help me see that everything is really all right and there’s never much reason to worry. 708 more words

Summer Camp

Porphyry on The Life of Plotinus

There is a copy of Stephen McKenna’s translation of Plotinus’s The Enneads available online, and in includes his student Porphyry’s “Life of Plotinus”, which in itself is a fascinating read because of its depiction of intellectual life and the intellectual outlook in the 2nd and 3rd centuries of the Greco-Roman world. 679 more words


"May You Walk in Beauty"

There is a customary blessing in some aboriginal cultures, perhaps the highest blessing, that runs: “May you walk in beauty”, and which probably is the meaning of “the Good Red Road”. 912 more words

Integral Consciousness

The Long Emergency

In the present circumstances of the long emergency (which is certainly an ambiguous term for an ambiguous situation), knowledge or the pursuit of knowledge which does not initiate us into a radically new understanding of, and relationship with, “life, the universe, and everything” is simply frivolous. 1,809 more words


#5: My Pick For Rio: Men's 100m

Time and Date of Men’s 100m Final: 22:25 BRT (14 AUG) / 03:25 CEST (15 AUG) 

Defending Olympic Champion from London 2012: Usain Bolt

As always, the Olympic 100m final will be one of the most anticipated and watched events of the Games. 916 more words