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The CIA Torture Report: The Errors of Back-Ending Disclosure

This morning, with the release of the executive summary of what has now been called the “CIA Torture Report,” the United States makes a good faith effort at coming clean on “enhanced interrogation” tactics used during the Bush Administration. 682 more words


The 5.9% Unemployment Lie of Obama

It’s getting close to election time so you can be sure of two things: the rhetoric will heat UP and the unemployment rate will go… 577 more words


The Obama Bus Rolls Over More People

I have a Liberal friend that I truly called my friend for many years. My friend has a lot of good qualities. I have normally found her to be a reasonable Liberal, but in a recent back-and-forth we had by email about how our Commander-In-Grief was handling the war he doesn’t want to wage, she said something that might have actually put an end to our relationship as far as considering her reasonable. 1,063 more words


The Last Comic Standing

At one time if you had said that an African-American would be president of the United States people would have thought you were crazy.  Praise God those days are behind us.  1,730 more words

Dr. Robert Owens

Poll: Majority Of US Voters Blame Bush For Iraq Violence

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — A majority of Americans (51 percent) blame the recent surge of violence in Iraq on former President George W. Bush, with only 27 percent placing blame with President Barack Obama. 307 more words

CBS Washington

SciFi Q of the Day: Foiled Again

SciFi Question of the Day: Your evil plot to take over the world has been foiled. Who do you blame?

Facebook Answers:

  Christopher Dorda Read the list! 763 more words

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