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Script Breakdown: MADAM SECRETARY

This show has a strong following but definitely flew under the radar. 2014/2015 had an unprecedented number of new shows across platforms, and CBS’s “older” audience persona limits the number of people who could potentially watch the show. 1,830 more words

Road Rage In Canada Looks Different Than Road Rage In The United States

CBC News was interviewing a police officer in Toronto last week when they caught a heated exchange between two drivers on the roadway below. It looks like pink shorts sunglasses and orange shirt track pants are nearly ready to exchange blows, but it’s thankfully nothing that, “Both of you, grow up! 15 more words


Lowe's Takes Over 13 Former Target Canada Stores

Last week, we learned that Walmart would be taking over thirteen former Target Canada stores and a distribution center. Today, home improvement chain Lowe’s announced that is taking over twelve store leases, one store that Target owned, and one distribution center. 152 more words

This Is Why I Don't Belieb In God

I make a lot of really serious decisions based on what I see on Twitter.


Send in the drones

Amazon Air is testing drone delivery system in a secret location in Canada. I can’t believe Canada allowed this to happen.

Drones Without Borders.

The POTUS will visit Kenya.  60 more words


Pizza: Who Invented the Hawaiian?

According to Wikipedia, the origins of the pie are closer to the shores of Lake Erie than the Mediterranean or the Pacific.  The online encyclopedia says Sam Panopoulos, 76, of London was the first to make the unlikely culinary fusion, at his Chatham restaurant way back in 1962.

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Today I Learned

Don't blame Canada

Let the people know: I’m no stranger to money management or camping. In college, I had champagne taste on a beer budget (newsflash: nothing has changed). 3,201 more words