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Hivera quickly got pregnant after the wedding.  Before long, she gave birth to a boy,

and then another…

She called them Richard and Charles.  She was delighted to have sons.  209 more words


"It's Not Your Fault"

“It’s not your fault.”

Such powerful words.  I still remember them.

Such a powerful statement, so memorable, so deep, so touching.

Your words, go straight to my pain, a finger on my pain, acute. 115 more words


Whose Fault Is It?

A certain seven year old someone was slow to get up on this, his fifth day of second grade. When he finally managed to climb down from his bunk, he entered my room in just his underwear, whiny. 213 more words

Hal (The Baby)

人を傷つけ貶め て

Do you know the moment just before a person is banished to Hell for life in Jigoku Shoujo?

After going through a prelude of what the underworld is like, Jigoku Shoujo asks if the person being sent to Hell feels any bit of remorse. 102 more words


Ryan Lochte's Robbery Blame Rankings

Alright, I told myself that I was not going to devote an entire article to this bullshit “story”, but it’s gotten way out of hand now. 978 more words

Today's learning's - Psychological projection.

I have heard of projection in relationships and thought I’d look into it today and there is a lot more to it than I thought! 637 more words

In Praise of Jammers

I am a blocker. That’s what my thick body and big booty were built for. While all of us can pick out favorite blockers we crush on hard from the most popular WFTDA charter teams, the truth is that most blockers don’t see a lot of the spotlight. 290 more words

Roller Derby