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Curve Ball

I have spoken of “before and afters”… those snapshot moments when life turns on a dime… everything is now different and by that I mean, a second ago, you thought *this* and now *that* is true instead. 420 more words


Why Do I Feel Like This?

Woke up, thought things were ok,
The phone rang, upset my day.
Today I was to meet with someone,
The call came, things came undone. 122 more words



My mom yells and tells me I don’t know how to accept blame. She might be right. I keep a tight lid on it because once you start accepting blame for certain things, the line gets muddled and there are some things I still desperately need to believe are not my fault.


Are You Happy Now?

I view the “happiness movement” with skepticism. If you aren’t familiar with it, it argues that unhappiness comes from framing our experiences “negatively,” and if only we reframe them “positively,” we can be happy. 629 more words


Lorrie Moore's 'A Gate At The Stairs' And An Implausible Grieving

There is much to like in Lorrie Moore‘s A Gate At The Stairs: there is Moore’s trademark dry humor, her dazzling vocabulary and eye for natural and urban detail, her exploration of weighty issues–race, adoption, gender, families, parenting–with a writerly touch that is deft and light in equal measure. 486 more words


Pedro at First Base - Not everything is his fault

To be kind, Pedro Alvarez is not a good defensive first baseman. I know I am not writing anything revolutionary with that statement. I just wanted to get it out of the way in case someone did thing I was defending his defense. 297 more words

Another Hurdle

Yesterday we received the results of the post mortem. This is a hurdle that we’ve wanted to get past for a while. It was important to us to try to find out what happened and to know what implications there would be for future pregnancies. 865 more words