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Let us stop blaming people for the bad we see in their lives, we don’t know how far they have been wrestling with the devil.


I was raped.  

Many people have asked if I’m okay, and I am so blessed to have so many friends and family that support me. Thank you so much for being here for me! 734 more words

What Annoys Me? A top ten list.

  1.  People who blame things on other people
  2.  People who stand around doorways/hallways and block paths
  3.  People who say yes when they actually mean no
  4.  People who just…
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SHE said She is AFRAID of India !!!

She liked me when we had our first private chat. She was so happy being with me. I was too. Then she started to ask me questions to know more about me.  

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Losing My Spirituality: Part 2

Siblings fight. They say nasty stuff to each other, knock each other around, and the WORST, wear your clothes without asking. That’s sibling fighting. Our fighting changed the day of the fight. 1,054 more words


Break free from all limitations!

“We want you to be able to mess something up altogether or blow an exam or crash your car or do any other number of things much of the world would say, ‘Well, that was certainly an inappropriate thing for you to do’,and we want you to be able to stand proudly and say, 74 more words


Twenty-three: Rosie and Thomas

“No one deserves to see a burnt baby.” They had warned him not to view the bodies, but he had insisted, shock, stubbornness, disbelief blinkering him from harsh reality. 697 more words

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