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Heterosexual Women and the Subject of Erectile Dysfunction

Sadly, there is an overwhelming number of both men and women in heterosexual relationships  who think that erectile dysfunction is primarily an issue that comes from decreased desire in the man for the woman in the relationship.  514 more words

General Contemplation

Don’t be mad at yourself for feeling like crap!

It is OK to lose your emotional balance! It is not the end of the world! It truly is alright!

You don’t have to feel joyful and in love with life at all times – nor can you! 176 more words

How To Allow

Victim Blaming

Victim Blaming: when somebody blames abuse/sexual assault etc on the person that suffered the abuse.

Victim blaming most commonly occurs surrounding rape cases. Usually three key sentences come into play… 243 more words

Dear Mother,

(Please understand this is not an actual suicide letter, it is just a venting and coping tool I use in oder to understand and process the events in my life. 583 more words


Brexit news (2)

The Spectator Coffee House has hit form again. At a time when Dave and friends’ Doomsday assertions re the possibility of Brexit acquire the genuine comic value… 717 more words

Radical Responsibility

As I have been working with various brahmavihara practices and my own personal at of aspirations I have found my home life to be especially fruitful ground. 196 more words