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However, Pressing Towards It

Thankful for what again?
Searching, searching, nothing to gain.
Though for the waiting, nothing’s changed,
And your heart is still the same.
Dry and hard and black and cold. 64 more words



You were with him for eighteen years.
He treated you like you weren’t there.
The first year was his fault.
The next seventeen were your fault. 107 more words



I will be long gone
My love will be left unseen
Only I’m to blame 


Tell the people that you love that you love them, today. 46 more words


The fault in our stars

This topic was going to come up one day. It was just a matter of time really, and that time arrived today. We went to register… 385 more words

Snooping. A recipe for disaster final part..

The last time I wrote about snooping, I eas seriously in huge problems because I couldn’t stop myself from snooping an I was trying to convince myself in all ways possible that snooping through your lover’s phone was okay …… 324 more words

It's not my fault! Can I blame you?

To get your week off to a thoughtful and loving start, I am sharing a video from RSA Animates.

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