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God Forbid Anyone Take Responsibility

The papers are full of stories about accidents, manslaughter, drunk drivers. The story is reported and then brought back when someone is convicted. What I love about these stories is no one is ever responsible for the actions of the person who was killed. 419 more words

Recovery Tip For This Week

Don’t Cast Blame on Anyone for Your Struggles

You’re doing well in your recovery, and everything is going according to your plan with consistency and committed efforts on all fronts. 403 more words

Recovery Tip For The Week

Leaders: Hold Yourself Accountable

I work with leaders every day and focus on helping them build higher trust in their organizations. One observation I have made over the years is that nearly all leaders are passionate about accountability. 1,131 more words

Enabling Actions

Two friends and a Third

People are blind. That could be the only reason.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell were friends since the beginning of time. They had so many adventures, had been through good times and bad, fought evil, made memories. 377 more words

Swiber Bond Scandal : Who Should The Retail Investors Blame?

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

This article was first published by Budget Babe.

The recent Swiber bond debacle has sparked off a new debate as to whether the Singapore government should save “accredited investors” – individuals who have at least S$2 million in assets. 611 more words

Money Matters

Links & Chains

There’s no such thing
As a weak link.
We all carry the potential;
We all carry the pain.

What shows in one
May not show in you; 20 more words


The SNP: Decline and Fall (2)

A continuing series charting the Scottish National Party, and its very overrated leader, Nicola Sturgeon’s inevitable downward trajectory (part one here):

11. Three high up Nats advise Nicola to calm down… 462 more words