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Imagine Me Taught By Tragedy...

Red Hot Chili Peppers – My Friends

I have friends. I do. I don’t feel like I do because my brain is a manipulative ‘jit that likes to screw with me. 566 more words


Happiness Challenged

Yesterday I hit that ‘can’t do this anymore’ point about 6 p.m. Could not sit down anymore, could not rest anymore, could not NOT smoke anymore. 1,000 more words

It hurts so..

Why does love hurt so …
Every goddamn one

If the universe wants me to be single
I’m cool with it

Just fucking tell me… 52 more words


Who must you blame?

Do you know who to blame if you don’t make it to where you want to be? In my own case, I know who to blame. 183 more words

Oregon Shooting, Envy, and Reality

The latest mass shooting in the United States of America seems particularly sad to me.  It is always sad when senseless violence take the lives of innocent people in our society.   423 more words

The blame game.

One of the hardest things about dealing with infertility is the guilt and blame. It’s surprisingly easy to turn on your partner and start blaming them for every little thing they’re doing, from their diet to their exercise to their willingness to coddle you in your darkest moments. 300 more words


How Can China Blame Exports, Too?

From Alhambra Investment Partners, by Jeffrey P. Snider, Oct 2015

Concurrent to more survey-based indications of a US manufacturing slowdown, economists have been quick to blame… 426 more words