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The Ticking Clock and the Ensuing Blame Game

As we start to write this the clock on The Washington Post’s internet front page is showing 23 hours and 51 minutes and 21 seconds left to avert a government shutdown, although it’s already down a few seconds more by now and time will be even shorter when you read this. 1,203 more words


Who’s actually to blame for the looming government shutdown, explained

(Source: www.vox.com)

The prevailing question on Capitol Hill Thursday was not whether the federal government would shut down at midnight on Friday — most people seem to believe it will — but who is going to take the blame for it. 1,235 more words


Soul Sickness

You should know: I’m afraid of you.
Your intensity scares;
I’ve seen such in the mirror,
But mine does not compare.

I know it drives me mad… 86 more words


The Science of Codependency

Codependency is science, let’s face it. So is any other kind of dysfunction. It requires a recipe and some ingredients, for example, the recipe for a codependent would require at least one codependent parent and maybe a narcissist or an alcoholic. 521 more words



It’s tough to watch the news these days.
Seems everyone we’d thought to praise
On Saturday, by Tuesday morning’s
Featured in the Creepo Warnings
That now merit brief reports… 43 more words


"Lie, Deny, Attack" Is a Bully's Strategy

Six years ago, a friend of mine was angry because the young woman who lived behind him was playing loud music and partying at one or two in the morning. 856 more words

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Blame (2017)

Το Blame αποτελεί το σκηνοθετικό ντεμπούτο της -απ’ ότι φαίνεται- πολλά υποσχόμενης 22χρονης Quinn Shephard στο οποίο δύο μαθήτριες προσπαθούν να κερδίσουν την καρδιά του νέου καθηγητή τους. 12 more words