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It was another day of hatred, sadness and full of sacrifices. Yeah, still at work.

It seem like I didn’t have my weekday as good as I planned it to be. 394 more words


There are Two Types of Opinions in this World: Mine, and Wrong.

First my disclaimer, I stole that title from Marina.  Literally stole, I didn’t even ask I just took it. But in my opinion it was ok for me to take it… 903 more words



So many times I hurt you,

So many times I blamed myself.

So many nights I left you alone,

in all of those nights you tried to be strong.~


Day 17


Every night the moon rises slowly through the infinite horizon
and I lay out upon my creaking porch and
cry to the world
“Why me! 110 more words


Sermon 87 – Occupied by a Demon

Q. What’s a demon?

Nobody likes thinking about demons and nobody likes talking about demons, but the fact remains that if there is a Holy Spirit then there are unholy spirits, and if there are angels then there are demons. 1,838 more words


I Suffered in Silence for Too Long

No, no, the title is not referring to me, although my doctor would have you believe otherwise because I refuse to take pain meds, but that’s a different story. 689 more words


All My Sins

Hey peoples, so this one is kind of an old one. I plan on modifying it maybe; just depends on how well its recieved and if you guys like it as is. 160 more words