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Donald Trump Blames Obama For Arrest of Sarah Palin's Son! Watch!

The past 72 hours have been so hectic and confusing for Sarah Palin that she's probably longing to return to her home in Wasilla so she can bust out the binoculars and watch Putin's pecs glisten as he chops wood in Siberia. 9 more words

Kate Middleton Hates Her Bangs, Blames The Queen

Even perfect hair has its regrets.

On December 9th, the Duchess of Cambridge debuted a shorter haircut that complemented her bangs (or “fringe” as it’s called in the UK).   15 more words

Who's the one to blame?

So by the time we reach a certain age where we know how to play tricks sometimes in order to jump to a safer zone, always and how to roll into something where we define ourselves totally different from the way we are presented to ourselves. 257 more words


Yolanda Foster's Husband Blames Her For Ruining His Career

New details surrounding Yolanda and David Foster’s split are really bumming me out.

They were together nine years, four of them as a married couple, before announcing plans to divorce on December 1st. 13 more words


There were tags being handed over
saying it was sinful; dishonest
something that didn’t go well with society
something so gross and unethical

They sat down wondering… 84 more words

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