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The Dreamers Deferred!

On September 5, 2017, Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration would be ending DACA, the Obama-era program that allowed undocumented immigrants that were brought to this country as children to remain under certain conditions. 251 more words

Who are those who suffer?

I imagine that we all feel that we have been hard done by, unfairly or unjustly treated at some point or, probably, several points in our lives.  748 more words


A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

Blanche DuBois: You’re married to a madman.

Stella: I wish you’d stop taking it for granted that I’m in something I want to get out of.

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Naming Desire

Whoever I am,
I have always depended
on the kindness of words—
such strange company
these solitary verses.
John Biscello