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The Smell of the Undead

People of Eyr.  Do ye smell that stank? It be the smell of the Undead!

This one did see a man, hooded and cloaked, on the crafting dock. 158 more words

A Tiger Attacks! A Death in the Village

The legendary Sindali lives and is prowling through the jungles and threatening the peoples of Eyr!

The towering dire tiger launched an attack at the citizens attending Hand Crafted’s work party on Thursday night. 384 more words

Osteospermum Impassion White by pellegrinjc

Les osteospermums sont des fleurs vivaces qui résistent à l’hiver dans les régions au climat doux. Plus elles seront au soleil et protégés du froid, plus vous aurez de chance de les conserver d’année en année. 14 more words


8 Things That Happens When Your Mom Is The "Blanche" Of Her Golden Girls Crew

I love my mommy so much, Lord knows I do. But since she’s been in her 50s, she’s been turned up.

I mean really, really turned up. 344 more words


Happy Birthday Blanche!

Happy Birthday Blanche!

Blanche & Martin Adams 1972 Karmann Cabriolet, featured in the October 2013 issue of VolksWorld. From Dorset, U.K.


And we find ourselves here once again....

Ahh, the ringing in of a New Year.  We always find new beginnings so full of promise, don’t we? Last year I likened our new years resolutions to staging our own personal revolution.   481 more words