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2015 Border to Border Broadband Conference: Final Reflections #MNBroadband

I’m going to call the 2015 Broadband conference a success! Thanks to everyone who attended. Highlights include the announcement of the Border to Border Broadband Fund recipients, an inspiring talk from Susan Crawford and the crafting of a new Minnesota Broadband Vision. 190 more words

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Remarks by Senator Al Franken: 2015 #MNBroadband Conference

We were delighted to have Senator Franken join us at the end of the conference. I want to thank Tim Marema from the Daily Yonder… 17 more words

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Legislative Policy Panel: Responding to the Vision: 2015 #MNBroadband Conference

Moderated by Senator Matt Schmit

Representative Dave Baker
Senator Vicki Jensen
Representative Ron Kresha
Representative Paul Thissen

Policy makers responded to the Minnesota Broadband Vision… 52 more words

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Unveiling the Minnesota Broadband Vision #MNBroadband Conference

Throughout the conference, attendees worked on creating a Minnesota Broadband Vision. (I wrote earlier about the process.) The penultimate activity of the day was to solidify the vision: 62 more words


Moving Your Community Up the Tech Adoption Ladder: 2015 #MNBroadband Conference


Learn how Social Media Breakfasts, App Camps, industry sector initiatives and business technology promotion projects can positively influence the tech savviness of your own community.

51 more words
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Co-ops and Broadband Deployment: 2015 #MNBroadband Conference


Many of Minnesota’s best rural broadband services are provided by cooperatives. Find out if a cooperative model might work for your community, and how existing cooperatives might be your best bet for a public-private partnership.

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Fueling Innovation via Creative Spaces: 2015 #MNBroadband Conference


Learn how to build an innovative community culture by creating a physical space where technologists, engineers, financiers and entrepreneurs can launch new ideas, applications and companies.

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