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Learn How to Punish the Blanka Ball via VesperArcade

For some–like yours truly–Blanka is a misunderstood cuddly man-beast just searching the world for the best challengers. For others, he is the bane of their existence. 45 more words

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SFV:AE - Master Blanka's V-Trigger's with This Guide via VesperArcade

It’s been a while without a Blanka video has it not? While our love only grows fonder, understanding the intricacies of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Brazilian beast is still a challenge. 37 more words

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SFV:AE - Blanka Combo Guide via Vesper Arcade

Keeping with combo guides from different perspectives, here’s another breakdown of our furry electric friend. 45 more words

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I'll Review Anything: Blanka (Street Fighter V Season 3 DLC)


It’s been a while since I’ve played Street Fighter V. While I do love most of the improvements Capcom has done with the game, especially since upgrading to Arcade Edition, I just haven’t found the time to play nor the energy to really focus because of a sudden hectic schedule. 1,608 more words

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SFV: AE - Watch as Floejisan Learns Blanka

The Blanka Day 1 videos continue to roll in as Floejisan was nice enough to take us along for the ride as he learned the new Street Fighter V character. 41 more words

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SFV: AE - Desk Already Breaking Down Blanka, With One Hand

If you’ve watched a desk video before, you know of the sheer genius this man produces with every piece of content he releases.

For desk, it looks like the ingenuity never stops as we can see in his recently uploaded video which features him breaking down Blanka, with one hand. 54 more words

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SFV: AE - Blanka Combo Guide via Rooflemonger

Blanka has officially been released for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and combo guides are starting to roll in. As always, we’ll be on the lookout for the best content to help you sharpen your play. 55 more words

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