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I finally got back on the right track with Etsy sales and sold a blanket to a coworker. I have to get yarn and make it still but at least we are headed the right way.

Big Lift Ferry Poem F90

Today’s ferry ride
Is literally
Under a blanket of fog



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.


Notes to this poem… 89 more words


Square 20: Mandala Square

Mandala Square

Pattern can be found here

Hook size: 3.5mm

Size: 6.5″

Wool type: Hayfield Bonus DK

Colours per round:


Easiest Knit Blanket: Instructions

This blanket is very simple, doesn’t even require a pattern. I use it as my scrap blanket, using extra yarn from other projects or unravel old sweaters to use their yarn when they start to fray. 980 more words


All about these two... ✂️

Made By Nanny is only Made By Nanny because of these two… we started because of them when they came along in 2014, two gorgeous granddaughters from two daughters and therefore making me a Nanny (finally – can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for that!). 643 more words


hexagons for harriet 

My lovely friend Mel had a lovely baby, Harriet (or “MY baby” according to her big sister) and this lovely occasion called for a lovely rug! 782 more words


Crochet Charity Blanket


I have finished the sewing together and the dreaded darning which seems to go on forever but here is the finished blanket.

This is a variant on a blanket I did recently.  39 more words