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puzzling with crocheted blanket blocks

These are all the blocks I have at the moment:

That’s slightly over half I need, I think. Now it’s time to plan a bit about how many blocks I need of which size. 481 more words


Finished baby blanket

And the babies keep coming… There’s one more blanket coming after this one, and then preferably people will stop procreating for a bit *grin*

This blanket is finished, though! 98 more words


The J.R.R Tolkien Blanket

It’s hard to capture the brilliance of Tolkien with any one idea, story, or quote. A symbol to represent the genius of a man, needed to be something as amazingly creative as he was. 153 more words


Sweaters don't knit themselves

It’s officially fall now, and the weather reports, while not yet displaying truly definitive sweater weather around these parts, are certainly within glancing distance of definitive sweater weather, so basically I would like to have some new knitted sweaters right about now-ish please and thank you. 421 more words


Crochet Blanket 

Hi everyone

I start crocheting not long ago and want to share my crochet journey.

This is my first ever blanket I have made, I love the colours and the soft fluffyness of the wool, which I got from Aldi and it’s great to work with and looks lovely ☺


The Ayden Project

I have taken on a new project. Actually it’s a project that’s been happening for three years now but up until recently was a local interaction. 195 more words

Coffee House Posts

Crochet Temperature Blanket

One day in July, Pinterest randomly threw me a pin of a crocheted Temperature Blanket.  My mind was instantly blown.  It was such a cool idea that I spent hours researching it.  357 more words

New Project