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A Young Poet Whispers to Her

Crochet me a blanket of soft grey and blues,
Goddess, wrap me in blank paper:
I will follow the second star to the right,
And leap. 67 more words


The best weird stress remedies to match your weird personality

(Source: thenextweb.com)

We’re currently experiencing a stress epidemic. Everywhere you turn you read a new article or hear about a new study that, once again, establishes what we all already know: people are stressed AF. 986 more words


Bit of corner to corner crochet love with this hearts pattern mini blanket

I have been wanting to give corner to corner crochet a try for a while now but I’ve had too many other projects on the go to really give it a try, so a few weeks ago I found some wool that I really wanted to use for a corner to corner make so I got the wool and decided that the other projects could take a back seat for a while so that I could give it a try! 181 more words


Stitches, stitches and more stitches

Honestly, crocheting is lately one of my favorite activities. Maybe because in a small amount of time, I’m able to do so many things. And you wouldn’t believe how much I’m excited every time to show you what I created :) 283 more words


Day 264: More Blocking

Unfortunately it looks like all of my turquoise fish are way too big compared to the others. I don’t really want to have to re-make those but I suspect I will need to. 35 more words



Saw Maharajji (“in drag” as Ram Dass says) last Wednesday in front of the subway again.

One of my favorite stories of Maharajji.


travel scarf: tips for a cozy flight

If you’re cold-blooded like me, you freeze on any and every plane journey. it’s like the air is different up there blasting and drying out your nostrils. 98 more words