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Is It Really Autumn?

Time just flies on by.  We have already come to the end of October.  Summer is ritualistically over.  We shouldn’t stop celebrating the end of one season and welcoming the arrival of another one – Autumn is here, one of the loveliest time of year since it is like another spring or summer because the leaves changes to beautiful orange, yellow and red.In Europe we embrace these four seasons one after the other every consecutive year.  604 more words

Must Have Thrift Store Finds

Some people get their “high” from running, roller coasters, haunted houses, etc – me, a quick thrift store trip will do the trick!  When a Goodwill store went into the strip mall near our house a couple of years back, I thought my husband was going to croak.   910 more words


The end of an era... and the beginning of something new

Hello friends, how have you been?

It’s been almost a year since my last post (this feels like deja vu… I’m sure I’ve said that before after some very long absences.) 848 more words



Well the season is well and truly in full swing and I’m embracing it with open arms, hello Autumn I rather like you.  I am always a little apprehensive betwixt the end of Summer and the glorious few months that follow.   267 more words


My Top 5 Fall Favorites

5. Cozy Sweaters. For me there is nothing better than walking outside in the morning and feeling the brisk morning air. That is when I know that fall is officially in full swing!! 306 more words

A Return to the Fandom Blanket

While there hasn’t been much evidence of making stuff (with yarn or fabric) around here, I have been very slowly working on what I’m calling the Fandom blanket that I started last year. 279 more words


Changes To Come

Day 2: Changes To Come

Our baby girl will be here in a month or less!! Every day is a step towards preparation for our little pink bundle to get here!

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