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Day 180 - Sookie

This is a great action shot of my boy and his sookie blanket. Spread out, kneed in and drooling all over his favorite blanket. He is a rare and wonderful little booger.


Melting Pot Story #3 Electric Lady Mechanic Land

In a land far away, somehow hidden in plain sight, with a surprisingly good internet connection for social media, lives a great tribe of people. They are strong-willed, able-bodied, pretty hot, and all around bad-ass. 1,193 more words

What squirrel?...

I haven’t seen any squirrels… Keep moving along now.


6/7/15 Storms!

Plenty of storms my way today, so much so that Mom couldn’t go out to the baby shower she was supposed to attend. I looked out the front window (for hail or worse; thankfully, none spotted) and saw this little guy motoring back to the pond: 44 more words

The Story Behind the Blanket

I posted a monthly status of Baby Satski last week and in it he’s lying on a blanket. 

I love the Pendleton story behind the blanket so I wanted to share it here: 148 more words

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