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Leia crochet blankie

I found this lovely blankie here.

This was my very first try on crochet :D


3 boys

It’s not easy to get a good pic of all three boys. Polar Bear isn’t always keen on having his picture taken, Monkey doesn’t keep still for long and usually wants to be the one taking the pics and Ton, actually Ton is quite easy to take photos of. 138 more words


Sunday (crochet) Sampling

I didn’t dare look at when I posted last.. I know it’s been a while. Between then and now though, I’ve managed to find work to make an honest <snort> living.. 520 more words


Octagon Blankie Progress Update

All the shapes are done, all the sewing is done.  I just have to do a border, crocheting over all the loose ends.  I’m going to do a row or two of navy dc and then maybe a row of silver shells around the edges.   38 more words


Octagon Blankie Progress

I love how the blankie is coming along!  I have the other five spirals done, I just have to edge them in navy.  And make three more squares.   62 more words


Baby bear bedtimes

Just out from a difficult bedtime, this one slightly our own fault. We were out earlier and baby bear fell asleep in the car on the way home – I knew it was too close to bedtime but it was a trade off between crying at bedtime and crying in a traffic jam. 371 more words


Into the Unknown

She tucked Duckie under her arm, hooked her toes into the bottom edge of Blankie, and grasped the top edge with determined fingers. Giving it a yank, she explained, “Blankie doesn’t cover me all the way anymore.” 485 more words