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My Blankie.

On the day I was born I was given a matching teddy bear and blanket. They became my most valuable possessions, whether through brain washing of forced contact by my parents or actual love for the objects, who has a clue. 692 more words


The Lost 'Puppy'

When you have kids, you have to understand their view of the world is not like an adult. Everything is coated in wonder and imagination. Not to mention limited vocabulary and no sense of fear. 312 more words


What Do You Take?

When I realized that this was a real fire, I wasn’t dreaming, it wasn’t going to be put out, and that it was heading into Elliott’s (my youngest son’s) bedroom first, I stood at his doorway and blanked. 214 more words



His love wrapped me in soft cashmere wishes warming my heart on bone-chilling days

words: (c) s l jennings

image: google common license

Don't Hate Me, But...

Hey, Hey! Another VBA! That was my poor attempt at rhyming and I promise, it will never happen again (at least not in this context). 391 more words

Love it Hate it Love it

Whilst I have been labouring on my many unfinished wips, I’ve been thinking about why so many have been consigned to the bottom of the wip basket and, have concluded that it’s more than just the delight of casting on with new yarn. 300 more words


A Year of Smiles - Day 35


“You look like a rock star!”

These are the words my husband said to me as he was leaving for work.  211 more words

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