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#BlaPoWriMo - Sonnet


Some days I think my poetry making
is done. I try to turn a verse or two
and it all falls flat – no rhythm, no rhymes, 80 more words


BlaPoWriMo - from the archives

Some Errant Wednesday Thoughts

It’s Wednesday, which means I’ll spend
the afternoon at work at the reference desk.
But I’d much rather stay comfortably at home, 110 more words


#ThrowbackThursday Poetry: Together We . . .

What is there left to say? That is the question we must ask ourselves this final week of BlaPoWriMo. Does black poetry/literature still exist today, and if it does, for what purpose? 101 more words


Black Poetry Writing Month: Traveling through Time...Contemporary Black Poetry

Welcome to Week 4 of BlaPoWriMo!

For the uninitiated, Black Poetry Writing Month (BlaPoWriMo) is a month-long writing challenge that combines the ambition of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) with the history, education, and self-reflection of Black History Month. 1,426 more words


I Pick My Hair Up #BlaPoWriMo #BlackHistoryMonth

According to May Sarton in Writings on Writing,

“A poem does not emerge off of a feeling alone. It is instead created when tension that is felt releases a stirring of words and images and  this kind of creativity could bring a sufferer from their grief.”

144 more words

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When your hair defies gravity and systematic racism at the same damn time! Please read another fist-clenching poem by Ericajean, written for BlaPoWriMo! --N

#BlaPoWriMo - from the archives

Life is so much more like

Parks and Recreation than

Madame Secretary.

So don’t get it twisted

when you pull the curtain back.

Poetry is just streaming words – 95 more words


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As my dear friend Emily Dickinson ( ;) )once said... Much Madness is divinest Sense... Much Sense - the starkest Madness... Don't get it twisted! Enjoy another poem by Ray Maxwell for BlaPoWriMo! --N

#ThrowbackThursday Poetry: Boycott the Dark Girl

Welcome to Week 3 of Black Poetry Writing Month, the most controversial. Why? Some people might not like what the Black Arts Movement stood for— militancy, radical activism, not going quietly into the night… 272 more words