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Relationship Tests….AKA….that time I was super swamp monsterish and Ish. Got. Real.

I have been trying, genuinely, to stick to my low carb, really strict diet. It’s not horrible; it just takes effort that I generally don’t put into, like, anything…but I was doing okay. 1,223 more words

Conflicting Passions

Hi, everybody~

How are you?

I wanted to write/blog a little bit about the creative process in regards to writing and working on a game. I have finished and am currently turning the gears to release my first story and am in the middle of a slow burning build for an indie RPG. 606 more words

Doubled Efforts

How are all of you doing?

So, been a way for a bit, but I think I may have things starting to be situated properly…maybe. 88 more words

First blog post

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