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My life theme: Swimming Against The Current.

Funny thing about life, it moves us forward, no matter how much we try to swim against the current.

It’s been nearly three months since Mr. 985 more words


Blaugust Day 9 - Reading Blogs and Writing Blogs

I used to read a lot of blogs.

This was on the advice of the tutor who got me to start this project in the first place, because how were we supposed to develop our own blog if we never saw or connected with anyone elses? 557 more words

Digital Culture

The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond the Stars 2

Today, Patrick and Drew are discussing The Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond the Stars 2, originally released July 29th, 2015.

Patrick: The original The Manhattan Projects series built its mystique by taking figures and events from history and slightly distorting, exaggerating and recontextualizing them into a bizarrely compelling science fiction story. 1,412 more words

Alternating Current

N. Idaho Spring Opener

     What a great month June was for taking the bike out of town on a ride. The weather was perfect and that streak has continued into July with only a hint of rain and even less road construction on my usual routes. 553 more words


Scale Shock

So, this morning, I got on the scale for the first time in 2015. No, I’m not exaggerating. I knew I had gained weight – hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I eat my feelings – but I had no idea… 841 more words


Planless #20150706

Sports are happening Monday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday of this week. Tuesday there are no kids. Friday is a cook-out at the drive in.

<Insert existential crisis here> 50 more words

Sometimes, love doesn't win. Here's to new beginnings.

For those of you who don’t already know, my husband Greg and I have separated. I know that many of you who know us are sitting here, reading this, in complete shock wondering how a couple who are so good together and who have made it through so much tragedy, can end up calling it quits. 933 more words