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Sorry we're still on hiatus

Horse and I are constantly trying to make the show better and we’re taking time off to make sure the coming episodes are as good as they can be. 37 more words

Wizard And Horse

The People’s Republic of Texas


     Three weeks later and over 150 motorcyclists are still being held in a Texas prison for no other reason than attending a political meeting while being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 1,216 more words


My child died to awaken my soul and my gratitude knows no bounds.

Five years ago today, at around this time, Greg and I were sitting in a room with a bunch of doctors, listening to them explain to us that our baby girl’s brain activity was nearly non-existent and she would never survive if she was removed from life support. 958 more words

Cora Jane LeFlufy

Writing is Weird.

I recall that I had said somewhere else that I found all writing to be weird. That is, unless you’re aiming to be a New York Times Best Seller wherein your writing must conform to specific standards that lead to exceptional marketability, or, you’ve happened to be one of the famous authors form the 19th and 20th centuries. 550 more words

Moring Tea

My Memorial Day list of the top 10 best war movies ever

     Memorial Day traditionally is the three day weekend we all go camping in the rain on then spend the rest of the summer telling each other how much fun it was. 1,268 more words


Breaking the Long Silence.

I’ll admit: I haven’t been using my blog to the fullest in order to reach an audience, market my book, and all that jazz that authors use websites for. 228 more words

Moring Tea

Meal Plan #20150504

I love seeing the boys have fun playing park sports, but this week practices start- Mondays and Wednesdays from 6PM to 7PM. Uhhhhhhhhm. That’s usually when I cook and we eat dinner. 313 more words