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Groceryless and Planless #20151116

How on earth do I keep doing this to myself?! Last week: no grocery shopping or planning was done. There was chaos. So guess what I did again? 281 more words

Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 11

Week 10 Cardinals @ Seattle went something like this;

1st Quarter

Seahawks offensive penalty, another penalty, penalty, recovered fumble and two plays later the Seahawks defense is back on the field. 1,468 more words


Just meals #20151102

Falling back. Ugh.

Tired post #20151019

Blarg. That’s a link. To a place that describes all about blarg. It is wonderful, and glorious, and is *nearly* enough to lift me out of the tired fog I am in today. 219 more words

Play Expo 2015, and how I learned to believe in magic

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Manchester’s Play Expo. Held at Event City, possibly the coldest event location I’ve ever attended, … 854 more words


Meal Plan #20151006

Life sure is a lot like life right now. Which means that there are about 20 different things going on, some good, some sad, some that are just plain exhausting. 231 more words

I'm trying...

So today’s headache is brought to you by medicaid. No surprise there, really. Long story short, we have no money, a tiny house, two insane children and the thought of a third baby makes me cry. 659 more words

Real Life