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Blasphemer - Ritual Theophagy (Brutal Death Metal)

Brutal death metal with a lyrical theme heavily about anti-religion and death from Italy? That’s blasphemy! Good thing they named themself Blasphemer then. Jokes aside I found it fitting from a country I associate with Christianity. 269 more words

Demonstrantor Blasphemer

212, this day on friday,December 12th, 2016 had a historical day which had written. Some moslem indonesia gone to Jakarta to demonstrant with praying together. In monas (They said national moseum) they meet, for pray to Allah and ask to Allah may give justice to governor blasphemer, Ahok. 30 more words

4 December 2016

Bones which knew no past existence
declare their right to life,
with nails and acid
that deteriorate cartilage guilt-free,
radiating from the extremes
to the buried heart within. 143 more words


Album Review: Blasphemer - "Ritual Theophagy"

The entire metal universe might still be suffering from whiplash after Blood Incantation’s vaunted old school technical death metal album Starspawn┬áreleased earlier this year. I praised this album exuberantly and declared it a shoe-in for my top ten end of year list for metal albums in 2016. 569 more words